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Mama Dolce's terminals are a series of Fallout 3 terminals found in the Mama Dolce's Food Distribution plant in the neighborhood of Arlington Cemetery, Washington, D.C..

Desk Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This terminal is located on the desk in the second level of the Food Distribution section of Mama Dolce's.


Mama Dolce's Processed Foods
An All-American Business

== Plant Operations Menu ==

1. Resource Levels[edit | edit source]


./ Begin: Self-diagnostic reporting log v.414
# Pump 4:
##report low gelatin levels
# Printer-Mktg:
##report low yellow21-b levels
# Building Temp:
##no reading. Check equipment.
# Flavor Inject 8:
##report low yellow21-b levels

2. Quarterly Analysis[edit | edit source]


Quarter 1 Results show strong growth. Sweet-and-Sour Stroganoff frozen dinner enjoying unexpected popularity with youth demographic.

Quarter 2 Projections show diminished returns due to increased cost of domestic shipping. Recommend increased quotient of by-product use from regional affiliates in lumber milling industries. Seek alternative revenue streams where possible.

3. Human Resources Memo[edit | edit source]


Human Resources Latest Memo:

Please welcome our recent new hires to the Washington, D.C. processing and packing plant! Thanks to new plant manager Robert Whiteman for continuing the speedy staffing of this facility.

Thomas Jenkins
Michael Smith
Jonathan Apple
Joe Jones

4. Urgent Diagnostic Alert[edit | edit source]


Critical diagnostic message R4-61B

 - Radiation levels exceed Federal limit -

Please contact maintenance.

5. Ikkm00:Mvkz6x1ml:Nqtm[edit | edit source]

Note: This command ..... .


> [ERROR HX40-399: invalid decry.key]

5. Access Encrypted File[edit | edit source]

Note: This command ..... Mama Dolce's encryption key.


Welcome, Agent Huang.
Hail the People's Republic!
{display setting:English/US}

Welcome, Agent Huang.[edit | edit source]


{display setting: English/US}

The Republic people of China salute your braveries.

Find established cover operation of "Mama's Dolce" food creation factory. Priority to rendezvous with selected team in covert operations of local area. Job and wage are secured for each within cover operation. Required to inform when first stage of operation is completed.


> Hail the People's Republic!

Generic terminals[edit | edit source]