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Biography and appearance
AffiliationThe Institute
RoleChem supplier
Institute informant
Hotel Rexford
Dialogue FileMarowski's dialogue
QuestsThe Marowski Heist
Tag SkillsCitizen
Editor RaceHumanRace
Editor IDMarowski
Base ID000226e2Ref ID000226e3
ActorGreg Chun

Marowski is a resident of the Hotel Rexford living in Goodneighbor in 2287.

Background[edit | edit source]

A chem supplier living in Goodneighbor, Marowski has also served as an informant for the Institute; exchanging caps for information on escaped synths.[1]

Interactions with the player character[edit | edit source]

Interactions overview[edit | edit source]

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The Marowski Heist

Quests[edit | edit source]

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Effect's of the player's actions[edit | edit source]

  • If you don't make Trish keep quiet during Diamond City Blues, Marowski will send a Triggerman to invite you to his office. Once there, he'll give you a week to pay 2000 caps as compensation for stealing his chem shipment.
    • Refusing to pay makes him and the rest of Goodneighbor hostile.
    • Paying will leave him on good terms.
    • Waiting past a week and Marowski will start sending Triggermen to kill you.
  • Marowski will also inform Malcolm Latimer about you killing his son if Trish rats you out.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

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Carried items
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Drops on death

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Marowski appears only in Fallout 4.


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