Mary Goodman

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Mentioned-only character
Mary Goodman
Biography and appearance
RaceHuman (formerly)
Glowing one, feral
AffiliationCambridge Polymer Labs, LLC
Mentioned inFallout 4

Mary Goodman was a researcher working for Cambridge Polymer Labs, LLC and one of the victims of the tense standoff that developed between Jon Elwood and Wilfred Bergman. Bergman locked down the isotope containment room to contain what he believed to be the source of the radiation and demonstrate his hacking ability to Elwood, inadvertently dooming Mary Goodman to death of radiation poisoning and locking the team out of the only source of U-238 needed to complete the Piezonucleic Lining Project‎‎.[1]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Mary Goodman is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


  1. Cambridge Polymer Labs terminals; Bergman's Terminal, [J.Elwood] - Hacking Admin Sender: [J.Elwood] >> Hacking Admin Wilfred, do you think I wouldn't catch on to what you're doing? I got a network alert the moment you took control of the Isotope Containment. You may have been the best hacker on campus back at CIT, but that was years ago and while you were busy up in Alaska, pretending to be a soldier, we had the best programmers working on our security system. I told you weeks ago that I'll let you all out of the lab once the research is completed. Locking Ericka and the rest of the team out of the Isotope Containment just to spite me doesn't accomplish anything. - Director Elwood"