Mass Fusion containment shed terminals

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This page lists all Mass Fusion containment shed terminals.

Supervisor's Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk in the supervisor's office. It is locked Novice.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Personal Logs

7/13[edit | edit source]


After 34 days of being accident free, Lester tripped behind the forklift while it was backing up. Now we're back to 0. Also, corporate made us put up all the "remember your hardhat" posters, like that would have saved his life.

8/04[edit | edit source]


The company retreat is coming up in a couple of weeks. Mr. Feld said it's mandatory for all employees, especially supervisors. I hate going to those things. It's bad enough having to deal with these people during the week, now I have to pretend to like them for a whole weekend? Sometimes I envy Lester...

8/22[edit | edit source]


A hazardous material inspector stopped in today unannounced to check out our operation. I started to feel like he was getting suspicious of what has actually been going on around here. I told Mr. Feld and he said if the inspector started catching on we needed to get rid of him, and he didn't mean ask him to go away. Well, he caught we had to get rid of him. If anyone finds out what we did they'll put me away for life...