Matter modulator project

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Matter Modulator Project
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Matter modulator project is a holodisk in Fallout: New Vegas.

Location[edit | edit source]

This holodisk is added to the Courier's Pip-Boy 3000 after reading the Encrypted Message entry on the terminal in the Hacker's Office. Located in the second floor of the REPCONN headquarters.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


Project: Quantum Plasma Modulation Matter Injection Rifle

Version: 32
Status: Failure
Notes: While v.32 didn't have the power yield of the v.31 or v.30, we managed to increase the stabilization threshold by approximately 27.35%. This is promising, however we still have yet to come up with a solution for the matter inversion issues.

Version: 33
Status: Failure
Notes: Lab destroyed. Data Lost.

Version: 34
Status: Failure
Notes: Interesting. I'm not sure where we got this data from, it is a completely different direction from what we've been working on. We managed to cycle the matter inversion using a polarized quantum spin. I think that we solved the issue with the Compensation field, I have high hopes for the next weapon.

Version: 35
Status: Success
Notes: That data we received from Xuan did the trick. We managed to get a stable build model. I don't think this weapon is ready for mass production yet, but it should show that we have a working prototype. We should be able to get these issues resolved in a later build.

As you requested, here are the improvements when compared to a standard plasma rifle.

  • Prototype materials not suitable for extended field use.
  • On average the Q-35 has a higher refire rate, but the time between shots is more consistent.
  • Increase in active bolt charge time, accurate at longer ranges.
  • Plasma charge has a 30% increase in energy.