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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{More scraps for Rose.}
{101}{}{Uh! I never get used to this.}
{102}{}{I love my work.}
{103}{}{Balthas will pay a pretty coin for this hide.}
{104}{}{I hear you can make a great dessert from the eyeball squeezin's.}
{105}{}{I'm about ready for a smoke.}

{120}{}{That's a good Bessy.}

{200}{}{Move it, mister; I've got brahmin to kill.}
{201}{}{Get out of the way.}
{202}{}{Can you please move? I've got work to do.}
{203}{}{Hey lady, do you mind moving? I've got brahmin to kill.}

{250}{}{You see a butcher.}
{251}{}{This is the "slaughterhouse technician."}
{252}{}{This is the slaughterhouse butcher. His clothes are drenched in dead brahmin.}
{253}{}{You can smell this poor sap from here.}

{275}{}{Damn, it looks like we're gonna need some more brahmin here.}
{276}{}{Well, might as well call it a day. We're outta brahmin. Wahoo!!! BEER TIME!!!}
{277}{}{Shucks! No more brahmin to kill! Maybe I should go see Miria.}

{280}{}{Ahhh, time to go home and relax in my own stink.}
{281}{}{It's time to head home and have a nice jerky steak.}
{282}{}{That was a long day. I hope to god someone kills me in my sleep so I don't have to do this

{300}{}{Jerky is good for the bones.}
{301}{}{Jerky is good for the hair.}
{302}{}{Jerky is good for the lungs.}
{303}{}{Jerky is good for the stomach.}
{304}{}{Jerky is good for the loins.}
{305}{}{Jerky tastes good.}
{306}{}{Christ, did a brahmin shit in here?}
{307}{}{I think I stained my coat. HA! HA! HA!}
{308}{}{Watch your step. This place is full of nasty things on the ground.}
{309}{}{You like jerky?}
{310}{}{I even like jerky for breakfast.}
{311}{}{Milk, ice-cream, all makes my stomach nuts. But JERKY!!!}
{312}{}{Hey! Listen here, JERKY!!! HA! HA! HA!}

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