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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{A handsome young man.}
{101}{}{You see Davin.}
{102}{}{A young man in his twenties. He looks a lot like Grisham.}

{150}{}{If you asked, you could have me.}
{151}{}{Hmpf! Miria isn’t that good in bed.}
{152}{}{I don’t believe you pimped me.}
{153}{}{Let’s try a threesome next time.}
{154}{}{Ooo… he’s a cutie.}
{155}{}{Ask her.}
{156}{}{That was great; who’s next?}
{157}{}{Hi! My name’s Davin; I help my father run the slaughterhouse in Modoc.}
{158}{}{I’m looking for Cornelius’s gold watch. Have you seen it anywhere?}
{159}{}{What do you do at the slaughterhouse?}
{160}{}{I hear rumors about you and the brahmin.}
{161}{}{Tell me about your dad.}
{162}{}{Hello again.}
{163}{}{I knew you’d come back to me.}
{168}{}{Why don’t we get more comfortable?}
{171}{}{Stay here.}
{172}{}{Sure, I’m not busy. Ask away.}
{178}{}{Nope, haven’t seen it anywhere.}
{179}{}{Can I ask you a few more questions?}
{180}{}{Well, I uh… I mean, I… I supervise and take care of stuff. I’m the owner’s son after all. I’m going to inherit this place when my dad kicks off.}
{182}{}{It’s a lie. I only go out to the barn at night to a… make sure everything is locked up. You know, with all the wild animals around and all.}
{184}{}{Dad runs the slaughterhouse. He’s OK as far as fathers go. A word of advice if you do any business with him. There’s usually more to his business deals than he lets on.}
{186}{}{Come back and see me if you want to… talk again.}
{187}{}{Wow, I never thought such a beautiful woman would try to seduce me. What! You’re not a woman! Don’t worry, you’re so pretty, I won’t say anything if you won’t.}
{188}{}{I have to be dreaming. I don’t believe such a beautiful woman is trying to seduce me. You are trying to seduce me, right?}
{189}{}{To look into your eyes is sheer heaven. Let us not break the spell of this precious moment with words. Let our actions speak for themselves.}
{190}{}{Stop talking; you’re gonna ruin it for the both of us. Just sit back and enjoy.}
{191}{}{There must be some mistake; I just wanted to ask you some questions.}
{192}{}{Thanks for the offer, but no. Uhhh... I'll be leaving now.}
{193}{}{Oh god! Take me! Take me now! [He rips off his clothes, then your clothes… then… Use your imagination]}
{194}{}{[Giggles] I'm "caboose"! You can be it the next time.}
{195}{}{[Two hours later: The earth moved, and this bed will never be the same.]}
{196}{}{[One hour later, and the best orgasm you’ve ever had.]}
{197}{}{[Half an hour later, you lie there exhausted.]}
{198}{}{[Fifteen minutes and a couple grunts later.]}
{199}{}{[You made it as far as removing your shirt before you no longer felt the need.]}
{200}{}{I have to go. Bye.}

# wedding script dialog
{402}{}{I surely do!}

{411}{}{Uhhh... Continue, please...}
{412}{}{I sure the hell…}
{413}{}{Um… I do.}

{450}{}{Uhhh, I'm not the one you should be talking too.}

{500}{}{Oh boy, I get to be the one that's in charge here.}

{1000}{}{Yes, my sweet.}
{1001}{}{What can I do for you, lover boy?}
{1100}{}{I'm completely healed and ready to go.}
{1200}{}{Hardly more than a scratch left on me now.}
{1300}{}{Well, I'm mostly healed but I could use more healing when we get a chance.}
{1400}{}{I healed myself as much as I could but I'm still pretty badly hurt.}
{1500}{}{No, baby; I wanna come with you.}
{1600}{}{Sure thing, I'll put it away.}
{1700}{}{OK, I'm right behind you all the way.}
{1800}{}{Then I wouldn't be able to protect you. No, I better stay close.}
{1900}{}{Is that it? No way. I'm not letting you out my sight, you little sex pistol.}
{1005}{}{You don't understand. I just don't want you clinging on me so much when we're walking around.}
{1006}{}{What you're doing wrong is I need you to walk far behind.}
{1007}{}{But... But... What did I do wrong?}
{1008}{}{What is it you want from me, my dearest?}
{1009}{}{Thanks, it was starting to chaff anyway. So now what, lover?}
{1010}{}{I used to skin the brahmin at the slaughterhouse, so I'm pretty handy with the knife. Also dad had me beat a brahmin to death with a crowbar once. I guess I could use a club if I need to. Uhhh, oh yeah, dad took me to shoot a pistol once, but I got scared and almost shot him by accident.}
{1020}{}{I need a little space, Davin.}