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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# 0. Look
{100}{}{Seems to be a guard of some sort.}
{101}{}{A Protector.}

{150}{}{Besides the pale skin and enlarged pupils, he looks to be an ordinary person.}

# 1. Floats - When player first falls down hole
{200}{}{Holy shit!}
{201}{}{Oooh! Now that's gotta hurt.}

# 2. ( ) Floats - When player falls down hole other times.
{210}{}{You do know you can enter from the back door...}
{212}{}{I'm not going to say a word.}
{213}{}{Oh god! You're killing me! Do it again!}
{214}{}{What an idiot!}

# 3. ( ) First Time Talk
{220}{}{We have been instructed to take all surfacers to Vegeir. You will not be harmed. Please come with us.}
{221}{}{Go to hell, I'm not going anywhere with you.}
{222}{}{I'd like to ask you some questions.}

# 4. ( ) Go to hell
{224}{}{Let me elaborate on my previous statement. You will not be harmed UNLESS you resist. Are you resisting?}
{225}{}{Yes, I am absolutely going to resist you.}
{226}{}{No, I know resistance is futile. I'll go with you.}

# 5. ( ) Questions
{230}{}{Vegeir will answer all your questions. Please come with us.}
{231}{}{Okay, I'll go with you peacefully for now.}
{232}{}{No, I'm not going anywhere with you unless I get some answers.}

# 6. ( ) You're dumb!
{240}{}{Hmm…I wonder if this is an exception to the rule. No, no, no. Vegeir said ALL surfacers, even the idiots. Come with me.}
{241}{}{[Go with the guards.]}
{242}{}{[Kill them all and let whatever gods they worship sort them out.]}

# 7. ( ) General Floats
{250}{}{I'm sorry; you can't leave this way.}
{251}{}{This entrance is for the workers.}
{252}{}{It takes too much effort set up the ramps for just one person.}
{253}{}{If you want to leave, ask Vegeir.}

# goes in node 3
{260}{}{Ogey Dogey.}