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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{500}{}{You see a trader.}

# General (Roses B&B)
{100}{}{Rose makes the best omelets.}
{101}{}{Psst… Stay away from the brahmin fries.}
{102}{}{I stop by Rose's every chance I get.}
{103}{}{Have you tried Rose's omelets?}

# If player blows up the shitter (Roses B&B)
{110}{}{Do you smell something?}
{111}{}{Good god! What the hell have you been rolling in!}
{112}{}{Could you please stand downwind? I'm trying to eat.}

# Bedroom (Rose's B&B)
{120}{}{Do you mind? I'm trying to get some sleep.}
{121}{}{Hey, what are you doing in my room?!}
{122}{}{Get out!}

# If player let the chicken out of the coop (Roses B&B) overrides above text
{130}{}{Rose is out of omelets.}
{131}{}{I'll kill the person who let her chicken escape.}
{132}{}{There's no point in coming here if I can't get an omelet.}

# Pre Ghost General
{140}{}{I don't know why I bother to come here to trade.}
{141}{}{This town is dying.}
{142}{}{This used to be a prosperous farming town.}

# If player kills Slags by himself
{150}{}{I hear Modoc 'acquired' a prosperous farm northeast of here.}
{151}{}{I don't know if I want to trade for food grown at the Ghost Farm.}
{152}{}{The crops at the Ghost Farm are probably cursed.}

# If town slaughter ghost farm
{160}{}{I hear they slaughtered innocent women and children.}
{161}{}{I don't want to trade with savages who kill recklessly.}
{162}{}{After I heard what they did, I almost puked.}
{163}{}{Whatever their reason, I don't think I'll be coming by Modoc to trade anymore.}
{164}{}{The people of Modoc are killers.}

# If the player completes ghost farm seed - best ending.
{170}{}{Looks like things are looking up around here.}
{171}{}{I'll probably need to hire another team to carry all the food from here.}
{172}{}{It looks as if Modoc is going to be alright after all.}