Mechanic's Best Friend

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Mechanic's Best Friend
F76 Mechanics Best Friend.png
TypeOne-handed melee weapon
DamageSee main article
Damage TypeBallistic
Special Effects
  • 40% more power attack damage
  • +30% damage to robots
  • +1 Strength
Weapon Modification
Weapon VersionsPipe wrench

Mechanic's Best Friend is a unique weapon in Fallout 76.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A special legendary weapon received for completing Survival challenges. As expected, it's very powerful, with guaranteed multiple legendary effects. As expected, it's only available in Survival mode.

Mods[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Destroy Different Kinds of Robots

  • The player simply has to destroy an Assaultron, Protectron, sentry bot, and a Mr Handy or Mr Gutsy (one each). Watoga provides Assaultrons, Protectrons, and Handies aplenty (especially after completing the quest that makes them ignore the player), while sentry bots are a little harder to track down: They can be found at the Whitespring, in The Whitespring Bunker (for those seeking a challenge), and spawn during Event: Battle Bot.