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Gary "VXSS" Noonan


Only because my skinny arse feels all bloated and fat after that lunch....

What's your job at Bethesda? Character animator. Less modeling and texturing *vomit* these days, which makes me a keyframing fiend.

What prior projects have you worked on? Uuuuh, where to start....

Here at Bethesda: Battlespire Redguard PBA Bowling 2 (weeeeeeee!) Morrowind Tribunal Bloodmoon Oblivion Knights of the Nine Shivering Isles

I have previous tvQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png and movie credits but being an old timer at Beth, that's all in the past.

What have you drawn on for inspiration in developing Fallout 3? Books, movies, music, etc would be fine, if you don't want to name any games. Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics mostly. As for movies, I find some fair inspiration with Mad Max, Road Warrior, Waterworld (sorry, hate to say that, but the structures, costumes, and vehicles are great in that), and believe it or not just about any WWII film since it has that visual wartime atmosphere with mass destruction of cities, etc.

If you are a Fallout fan; do you find Fallout 3 to be satisfying? I am a fan and I do find it appealing.

Well How is Fallout going? Is it developing as how you imagined and planned in the beginning? Amazingly well? C'mon, like I am gonna say "The ship is sinking! BAIL OUT!" Quite well. Every day, something else pops up in it that makes us gawk and smile.

Name your worst fear about Fallout 3 As with any title, failure to sell well. Sometimes even the best games are great and sell poorly (Company of Heroes).

Do you work on Fallout 3 willingly or is it just a business for you? I looked forward to working on it throughout development on Oblivion. It's a perk that it puts food on my table at the same time.

How many concept artists are crewed in FO3? Do any need to be replaced for a minium-wage woker? I dont think its the amount of concept artists we have that is important. Its the amount of concepts that are poured out of that dept DAILY that is scary.

Considering that much of the game will probably be in a wild wasteland, do any of you spend much time hiking, camping, etc, and if so where? Oddly enough, I go camping quite a bit. That is, when development allows me to. I used to run MX so I would get a group of folks together and we would strap th egear onto the bikes and head into the mountains. Ride as far as we could, make camp, and relax. My last few trips were limited to camping on the beach though. Nothing like the rumble of waves at night. Our camp was even raided by wild horses late one night. The damned things snuck in like assassins and then rampaged. I guess they didnt care for us on their turf.

"V.A.T.S: Very Authentic Targeting Somehow" how does it sound? Wrong "FATHER in Fallout 3 is : Father And The Hideous Enormous Raiders" isn't it? You can't fool me. Consider yourself fooled.

Do you consider Fallout Wiki as a norm? Not for my job description.... unless they added somehting that allows me to download mocap animations from there.

How long have you been playing Fallout, and how would you describe your feelings towards the franchise? I played each title within the week they hit the shelves. FO, FO2, FO:T, and FO:BoS. Back in the day, FO and FO2 where simply awesome. I could never get into Tactics because the pace felt so drawn out. And BoS was simply a guilty pleasure action bore. I went back and played through ALL of them (yes, I own all of them and even keep the whole franchise together in a shoebox) recently and strangely enough, found Tactics to be the better of them all. Now before you beat me with my own severed limbs, let me just say that actually playing Tactics with Turn-Based OFF made it a whole new experience. One I welcomed since it added a new feel and moved the game along well. Like I said previously though, I do have a knack for liking RTS titles.

Which skills, traits and perks from the original two games did you most/least enjoy? You simply couldnt play the game without bloody mess and having more criticals was a plus. I always went for Big and small guns and first aid as well. Not so much a fan of sneaking since I liked to run in to frays head first.

Have you played the VanBuren Alpha? If so, what were your feelings on it? Nah, I couldnt bring myself to do it. If it were more completed, I would jump right on it but I dont want it's unfinished state to taint my feelings on it. I DID watch the running video of it though. I wasn't as impressed as I hoped to be, but with it's incompleteness in mind, I still saw potential for it.

How do you feel about the reactions on the teaser trailer? Surprised, or just about what you expected? What can I say, it's a teaser. I always considered teasers to do nothing more than establish the atmosphere and it think it did thatwell. Post apocolypticQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png DC.

Do the developers have any contact with or say about the PR department (and vice versa)? Ya, we have constant contact with PR. There is always some say since PR is very open and shares info and asks for ideas.

Are you getting inspiration by going to theater and expositions? Otherwise... what is your biggest inspiration source for your work (Fallout3 art)? Nah, my twisted mind is already filled with sick, demented ideas. Personally (and not to suck up to Tim Cain and the other devs that worked on the FF series), my main inspiration comes from Fallout I and II. Theroad was already paved.... we just have to drive down it while taking in the scenery.

You have worked on Oblivion PS3 and its Blu-ray. Do you think Fallout3 could benefit from it on PC and 360? Not sure of the mechanics behind that, but owning the HDDVD drive, I don't really see where it's necessary.... or possible.

Are you able to play Fallout 3? Has really Gameinformer Magazine reporters seen the game's current situation? Sure, I am able to play it everyday. In what form however is always and forever going to be a mystery to you. Game Informer? I guess you can always wait and see if they pop up with something.

Will you be sending the first hand-printed copies of the finished Fallout 3 to the original creators? Along with some booze and a hooker of course. I am thinking that even though some of us here have contact with Tim Cain (unofficially.... on a friendly, semi-professional level), he isnt exactly the kind of guy to take hookers and booze as an open arms gift. As for offerings, all developers have their means of communication and offerings with one another. Of course, the best gift of them all would be hearing he appreciates what we were able to do with it.

Is it too late to include the dancing babykicker in Fallout3? (as a street performer) God.... would that be cool or what?! I have that bookmarked. Including the remix version.

Which one is better in your opinion: Fallout 3 or Oblivion (you can PM me this xDD) Oblivion. Because so far, it pays the bills and keeps us going. Until Fallout3 generates some income, it's just another redheaded stepchild to me, heh

Im not accusing Fallout 3 of being Oblivion with guns. Lets say you make Fallout 3. After that, would you like to make an Oblivion with guns? A futuristic world loosely based on Elder Scrolls but with guns and modern tech? They are 2 completely different settings and universes. TES will always be TES as Fallout will always be Fallout. The tech and the magic will never change hands.... or I will quit. There, I said it.

how many towns/ city's will there be in Fallout3 and what is the largest city? what can you compare it to? How about you simply change the title, so we all have nothing to argue about? *sigh*

Why should we consider this game a sequel to Fallout 1 and 2, and not an off-shoot like Fallout Tactics or the console game, with regards to the fact that you have fundamentally changed much of the gameplay? ZOOM!

Will we have to wear protective eye wear? Only if your monitor has the capability of blowing up while you are playing a game.

Will we be able to push mutated cows around, aka brahmin tipping? No comment, but wouldnt that be cool?

Are dialog options and variation important for a Fallout RPG? I think they are important for any RPG.

Which kind of quests do you find interesting in Fallout 1-2? And which kind of quests do you dislike? I was a huge fan of the moral quests. Anything that put me in the situation of having to make a choice between 2 parties, where the outcome means one gets burned. Really makes ya sit back and think about it some. Needless to say, I didnt let the ghouls city blow up. I always felt bad for the ghouls

What is the worst point of Fallout 1 in means of gameplay mechanics for you? Ya know, good question. I dont know that I ever really had any issues, even after playing them all over again just this winter. I can say this much (NOW anyways, compared to 10 years ago).... I seem to have lost my love for TB systems. I like them, but the love is gone. Its not so much mechanics, but it just felt very slow and sluggish because of the TB. Probably just the over-saturation of modern games that changed my perspective these many years later.

What did you think about multiple ways of dying in Fallout 1&2? Like a automatic gun could kill people in 2 bloody ways or one normal? Ya, that added some down-right bloody gore humour to the game and made it more sickly enjoyable.

What is stronger -in your opinion ofcourse-Quoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png a Deathclaw or a BoS dude? Deathclaw. Born and bred to be a true predator.

Was it ever considered, doing the (now traditional) alternate DEV credits/quotes as in F1&2 Dunno. I dont get to flip the coin on those decisions. Might be neat, but I personally NEVER stick around for the credits of ANYTHING, so I dont really have 2 cents to offer concerning it.

In Fallout 1, what is the Master's real name? I played Fallout 3 times.... I didnt stop to take notes. But my best guess would be Luke Duke.

2.Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics. Which ones have you played and which one you prefer the most. Played and own them all (even FO:BoS tongue.gif ). After playing them all again recently, I found myself mixed. I like 1 and 2 for the story and setting, but found myself liking the gameplay mechanics better in Tactics since I could turn off TB.

If you were magically teleported in a world that is exactly like the world Fallout 1&2 depict what would be the FIRST thing you'd do? Believe in God and know that he really did indeed hate me.

What's your favorite quote from the FO1 and 2 credits easter egg? I don't stick around for game credits.

Have you read the Fallout Bible? I can't say I read though all of it, but I have checked it out from time to time.

If so, how much inspiration do you draw from it as regards building on the Fallout franchise as well as giving look-backs to the pre-Fallout 1 parts of the timeline and what is your favourite one from 1-9 (don't count 0 for this)? I wouldnt say the bible inspires me as much as the actual games do, so I wont lie just to make you all happy. With that said, the games are still my favorite, not so much any part of the bible. Now, I must get back to laying on the couch and hacking up lung butter. I am dying for a cig

Would it be possible to get Tim Cain's official statement about his thoughts on Fallout 3 so far on these boards? Tim is a big boy and he can make comments if and when he pleases. But at the same time, Tim is also a very professional developer and knows that anything a developer says is ALWAYS taken in 75 different points of light.

Would you let your 13 year old child play Fallout 1/2? What would be the age limit or would it depend on how you felt about your child's maturity? Really depends on whether my kid had my genes or his/her mother's. Mine would be a sure thing that there would be a great level of the "I could care less" mentality. Blood, guts, sex, drugs, alcohol.... things that make one yawn. Of course, its this exact mentality of mine that causes me to remain single. And on that note, I am gonna go a have a cig while cursing and flipping off the kids playing in the neighborhood.

What do you think of Fallout's old turn based system? Back then, it was ok, but I never really thought about it then. I don;tQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png have the patience for TB nowadays though.

What could have been made differently? Seriously don't know. I may get the hammer for this one, but I actually enjoyed having the ability to turn off TB in Tactics.

Do you find Arcanum as succesfullQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png as Fallout? Why? Successful in numbers or in quality? I am probably not qualified to answer this since I skipped Arcanum.

Fallout or Planescape: Torment? Fallout. I lost interest in Planescape 1/2 through it.


What do you do when you know full well that there's work to be done, but you just can't get yourself to focus on it? I browse the web and answer completely useless questions that readers will find just as useless.

How big is your salary? Big enough to keep my swimming pool filled with cash to swim in.

What route would you suggest someone take in order to get a job at Bethesda Softworks, or any gaming studio for that matter? (As in where to start, etc.) Run for the hills. 11 years into it and I wish I had.

How long did it take to create the full outline of gameplay mechanics before development? The outline is almost never locked down. Things change all the time as development continues so there is usually a chain reaction to other elements in the game that are affected.

This is a bit of a broad question I suppose. What is your most favourite creation (in your own field) that you've put in a game so far? My favorite.... seriously, it would have to be a creature worked on for Fallout3. It's ever evolving too so it continues to climb higher on my list.

Do you guys have regular workhours or is it going overtime all the time? It's hard to say what is regular in this industry. Regular for MOST folks in the work force would say 40 hours. It's fairly typical for 45-55 hours to be a typical work week in this industry though. But no, I don't think anyone is working absurd hours right now. Then again, I wouldnt know.... cause I am not here that long to see. tongue.gif

How is the work-environment? Is it competitive or co-op? Do the different teams talk together? I can only speak for the animation team, but we work extremely well together. Many of us have been together for many years and we range from veteran to greenhorn, but there is no lack of talent. We all have our strong points. As for how our animation team works with other teams, well, butting heads with designers and programmers on an hourly basis is nothing new with any game developer.

And does it get bad towards the finishing of the product? It can, and when it does.... you dont want to be anywhere within a 5 mile radius of this place.

If it gets crazy towards the end of finishing a product - which job usually takes the brunt and who can take it more easy (e.g. programmer, graphic artist, pr)? Tough one to answer, but in my experience, I would actually say QA. Those poor souls fight through the gloom of testing nonstop. You really should witness it sometime.... like little machines. I dont envy them, but I do appreciate them.

Do you guys communicate with any other developers in the industry (such as, Devs from Blizzard, Valve, or any other gaming company)? Or do you guys pretty much just keep your relationships at Bethesda? I know a lot of guys at many dev houses on a personal basis and just about the same amount on the professional level.

What do ya'llQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png play on "game night"? Is it more of a competition? If so, who's the reigning champion and at what game(s)? I dont even know that there is a game night. Maybe for those geek table toppers here tongue.gif In general, it seems as though there are small groups here that play their own thing. I prefer going home and playing Forza2.

Who in the office/or your closes co-workers would win in these games/contests: - Pie eating contest! My best guess would have to be someone in QA or coding. They go psycho for cookie day, so you do the math.

I don't have much on Istvan but I'll put something about him soon. Just know that Ist is extremely talented and has some very awe inspiring work. He has some personal works in some artistic coffee table books I have. I really should have him sign the pages his work is on, heh.

- Fifa Soccer (any year will do). Eeesh, I dunno.... I played the crap out of FIFA but it's been a while. Give me a couple days to freshen up and I might say me. wink.gif

- A game of chess. You know, the funny thing is, I have NEVER in my life played chess, so I can at least say, not me.

- Word of Warcraft PvP-duel! Uuuuhhh.... not a clue. I don't even know who plays that.

- Pong! Probably anyone who even remembers playing it on the 2600.

- Die by the Sword LAN-play! Man, you are really pushing to find some titles now arent you....

Who'd win in a fight, Todd Howard or Pete Hines? I dont know that either one of them has ever been in a fight.... outside of a game at least.

wich dev team member you bash the most? I am an equal opportunity co-worker, therefore, I bash everyone just as mush as the next. wink.gif

Who's the cutest among the people there (and can we have a pic so we can judge for ourselves)? Clearly, me. VXSS

What about a toilet water drinking contest? Who would win that? I could name a few here that cant hold their liquor well.... so I would vote one of them. No names mentioned however. wink.gif

Do you have any company/person in the gaming industry that you consider to be your favourite? Which one and why? Not really. Once you know a lot of the other folks in the industry, you conclude that they are all as miserable and plain as you. In that case, I just do what I do and try to be the one that perhaps THEY will look up to. wink.gif

Do you guys and girls need to go to rehad after creating a game (to get rid of the coffee habit) or do you go cold turkey? C'mon, we are a brute force squad. We arent like those pansy professional football players who play 4 1/2 months worth of games for OUTRAGEOUS money and then get a nice long spring/summer break with a little practice inbetween.Quoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png We go head-first, nonstop, into the fray of code, design, and art formagic beans and pretty seashells. The coffee is ALWAYS a plus though (fresh, hot styrofoam cup in front of my face as we speak).

Is there really a developer prophecy about a man who will someday come and change the world because he can see right through the core of everything on the planet and see it as if it were lines of code? I thought John Carmack was the Neo you speak of.

Have/did you ever wanted to work on any other game projects, like the Deus Ex sequel, or a sequel to any other favourite games you've played? Nah, that kind of wishful thinking is pretty sad. A little pride in what you are currently working on is much more rewarding.

Did you also test Oblivion? Not sure where I snipped this question from, but ya, we all did. Devs become QA towards the end of all projects as well. We dont have to like it, but it's part of the routine.

If you could be the head of Bethesda for the duration of one project and had an unlimited budget, what kind of game would be the result? Sadly, I am very poor at business, so no matter what I did, I would sink Bethesda in the duration.

If you wouldn't work for/at Bethesda, what other 3 Game Developer Teams would you like to work for? Thats a 2 way question.... because I imagine the team would have to want me to work for them as well. I will worry about that if and when Bethesda decides I am too suicidal to be of service to them anymore.

Has Bethesda as a company or you yourselves considered in the past few years making another unique fantasy RPG aside from the TES series? Ah, something called an NDA suddenly appeared in my mind....

Or has there been any thought to having another "The Elder Scrolls Legends/Adventures" like Battlespire and Redguard? Again, that same NDA vision appeared again. What the heck is that thing?


Do you think user interface for console and PC games must be equal or different? Like Oblivion or Like Morrowind the way it handled the windows and other things. (IMO) Of course, operations are different, but the mechanics are the same. I still think UIs are in their infancy for RPG style titles (more menus, etc) on console, so there will be some trial and error along the way. Eventually, it will become as comfortable as it is on a PC. There really is no option since console sales are dictating a rise in console gaming and to where there is a decline in PC gaming. More emphasis on R&D for console mechanics and such is quite the norm for development these days.

If you could have been a part of any game development team, in history, what team would that have been? (aka. what game would you work on if you ever had a chance?) I don't really think like that. I just strive to make the games I am currently working on to be the ones I am most proud of working on.

Seeing as how you seem to have played, and still play so many games, do you people actually get any work done No, but it's by choice. I don't play games at work so if work isn't getting done, it's probably because I am napping, talking, browsing, or napping more.

What computer/console game(s) are you playing at this time? (if any of course) Dragon Quest VIII/PS2 and Forza2/360

And what game(s) are you looking forward too? Dirt/360 and Halo Wars

Did any of you devs ever get a game as a gift or something like that, and you didn't think you would like it? However when you played it, you actually started to like it and it caused you to delve deeper into those type of games? Ha, this is a good one. Ya, sure did. Try this on for size.... Pokemon StadiumQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png. I laughed when it was given to me, and the next thing I knew, I couldnt put it down. Needless to say, I then started to ask my nephews about other PokemonQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png games cause I was debating about getting a Gameboy to play them. They thought I was crazy.... especially after I did it.

What are your last 5 favorite non-Bethesda RPGs? I don't know that I have even played any in the last few years. Been trying to catch up on some older titles I have had and never played.... and most of those are racing games.

Do you believe that men and women like different games? Nope

Do you also have a gender perspective when making games/ put special effort in making a game interesting to both men and women? Because I feel the way I answered the last question, I dont think there is a need to "cater" to any one audience.

Do you think RPG's and FPS games should be mixed in a way or another? I think they already are. Games evolve and adopt traits from other genres to try to bring something new to the game, so I dont think its any real surprise

Which other FP RPG have you enjoyed besides Oblivion (or the TES series in general)? I actually really liked Morrowind (not biased). I liked it enough to mod for it quite a bit, so it must be worth something.

Have you played Arcanium? Thougths?Quoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png Nope, never had the opportunity.

What is your opinion on Jagged Alliance 2 (if you have played it)? Can't say that I played it.

Even though you're all probably RPG fans, do you ever get the urge to play random and seemingly pointless shooter/hack-n-slash games like Unreal Tournament, Diablo [II], Blood, etc?? Of course. Especially since I suck at them and I only stand the purpose of being the chewtoy for all the others playing.

For the devs, what is your favorite console and/or PC RPG and adventure game of all time and why? RPG - I may sound biased, but I am gonna say Morrowind. One of the only games I ever worked on that I put in more time than I do relationships. For as sad as that sounds, it's gotta be worth something.

Do you prefer playing though the main plot of game (but doing it your own way) or do you prefer all those little side-quests that don't need to be done? Both equally. I like to do it all and kill everything while doing it.

Do you prefer the roleplaying more or the playing game more? In other words, is the character itself more interesting, or is character building (and thus making it statistically unique) more interesting to you? Same as above. The game is only as interesting as the character I create.

Do you play an MMO? I did. Played just about all of them. Found that my REAL life was far more important than a game so I had to re-adjust my time and priorities. *cough*

Do you wish more content could have been made for Oblivion? Thats a rhetorical question right?

Ever play Baldur's Gate II? Do you think the beginning dungeon one of the best made places in the entire game? Played the first BG, never took a shot at the second.

Devs, I think if you buy the rights to Baldur's Gate, you will induce a rash of crazy nerd suicides. Whether this is good or bad is up to you. Use your powers wisely. Unsure if this is a question, but the lack of a few nerds a day couldnt necessarily hurt the world.... could it?

Have you ever played Troikas Temple of Elemental Evil? Nah, but Ken Rolston kept trying to rub this one on me. He loved it and almost got me to try it out. I just might sometime though.

Whats your favourite game of all time? I don't really know that I have ONE.

Which one is the best Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind or Oblivion? I think that's a better suited question for the fans.

What do you think about level cap? I don't think I have ever actually played a game where the level cap was a make or break feature for me. Level capping is a sure way to allow "room to grow" with expansions though. FFOnline addresses level capping with expansions and it was done well.

What's the last game you bought? Did you like it? I recently bought STALKER, Company of Heroes, Empire at War, and the new C&C *note the RTS infatuation*. Ah, also picked up Silent Hill 4: The Room used. Sadly, I beat it too fast. STALKER isnt too bad really. I want to play more but my machine is a runt so it runs horrible. I will have to wait to play it if and when I get a beefier system. For now though, It's Empire at War, which is not so bad and adds a little sumptin sumptin to RTS's that is fresh.

What games are you looking forward to on the horizon? Forza 2, hands down. I gotta get my oversteer on with the '06 Subaru S204. But after that, I have my eye on Bioshock and Mass Effect.

Other than videogames, what are your interests? (Board games, reading, music, etc) Cars. I cant say much more and anyone that knows me will know that all I ever talk about it CARS. If I am not at home sleeping or at work, I am probably piloting or tinkering on the turbocharged rocket or the supercharged tank.

What is your favorite type of game to play (RTS,FPS,RPG etc.) Hard to say, I play just about everything. In the top running, I would have to go with racing sims, horror, RTS, and RPG. Put the last 3 together into one title and then we are talking about bliss.

Which game(s) do you see as having the best NPC interaction? Does LiesureQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png Suit Larry count?

FAN RELATIONS RELATED: and how to get into the industry by any means necesary:

Did you miss us much? Not much at all.

You are aware that not all the Fallout fans are disgruntled nay-sayers about anything of what we know about Fallout 3 so far, right? I know.... I am one of them.

Are you afraid rabid Fallout cultists will come to your house at night and smite you with a piece of lettuce? They need to call for an appointment first. There are other cultists in line in front of them.

How do you feel about the negative comments and predictions taken by some of the Fallout community? Has it affected your opinions in anyway? What do you feel towards such pointless and nonconstructive comments? Is there a such thing as a forum without trolling and other brands of negativity? Could such a thing even be called a forum qua forums? Doubtful. What I'll say about the FO forums is that most complaints here are paired with concrete and even reasonable solutions, with which I agree and disagree on my own terms. There are certain forum communities that'll remain nameless ( *cough* WoW General *cough* ) that make a e-career out of flaming for flaming's sake, which makes me greatly appreciate the constructive, albeit sometimes harsh, criticisms I find here.

If you, the developers, want the fans' input on how to improve the game, why is no information released until things are already set in stone? I can assume the answer is, "My boss tells me not to," but can you prove my assumption to be wrong? Because as you put it, we, the developers, arent PR. As much as many of us may want to, it is not our task to relay snippet of info after info to the general public. So, in a sense, yes, it is a case of "My boss tells me not to", but we also understand why, being on the inside. As for things being released before the stone chiseling, we all know just how much more gas would be thrown on the flames if info was released then pulled back because of changes. Happens with all games.... simple knowledge there.

When will you all be allowed, if at all, to comment on this months feature in GI. Most likely never. We give magazines the information to give to you all so that we don't have to. Allows us to keep working.

Aren't you happy that the weekend came and you didn't come here? Honestly, the way my weekend went, I would rather enter the Thunderdome with every Fallout3 hater. Sick as a dog, local highway mangled my car thanks to their construction, and my bank account number was stolen and used quite sufficiently.

For the new guys on the block, are you ready to hold on for a while and keep your spirits up, and toughen up on the process, or are you ready to chicken out? Not so sure what "new guys on the block" means, especially since game development isnt exactly new to many of us here. If you mean by working on Fallout3, you cant wade through a thicket without getting a few thorns. Never stopped me from making it to the clearing.

Why VXSS stopped going to the fansites? Found myself defending myself too much. At that point, I failed to se ethe fun in it. Call it a vacation from forums for me.

Why doesn't Bethesda crack down on the flames here, so that this forum is a more enjoyable place to discuss? Cause if the flames were cracked down, there would be 12 posts made on a daily basis. Can't have that now can we?

Why do you put up with all the flaming on this forum? You can't go three threads without someone flaming Bethesda or Todd Howard. It's like ignoring that fly that keeps buzzing around your head. Eventually, you simply realize you are never gonna catch it, so you just let it go and get on with life.

Why did a number of posts in this topic get deleted? Perhaps you were a bad, bad person and someone doesnt like bad, bad people?

No Mutants Allowed or Duck and Cover (oooooh)? None and nothing. I have been avoiding most sites.

Do you guys ever hunt around on the mighty Internet for reactions and discussions concerning Fallout 3, other than on this forum? Ya, but I wont say which forums. For then my protection program will be forfeit.


What is your name? Gary, but my friends call me Gary.

Wat iz yer job? My j0b iz anim8ting

How old are you? Let's just say I have a fake ID that says I am 20.... so I can get into those under 21 clubs.

Do you like Bethesda? It sure beats flipping bugers and pumping gas.

Do you like Fallout? Well, if I didn;tQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png I could be flipping burgers or pumping gas.

Are you married? No. No woman in her right mind keeps me any longer than the duration of our first date to Burger King. Their loss.

Do you have kids? Nope. My doberman equals 5 3 year old kids, so my seed is staying dormant.

On what kind of the street you lived as kids? Was it somewhere in the city - just concrete around or some had luck to live somewhere with more nature? I grew up in a weird situation. Lived in the city until I was about 9. It was more outer skirt urban, but not suburban. Quite low income level and very diverse with race and culture. My family then moved north to a more suburban area, which was actually pretty alien to me. I saw suburban areas as very "country" since it was so different. I continued to cummute to go to the city schools though. Never really got to know or had friends where I moved to. What did you play as kids?

I am a fossil, so there really wasnt any Nintendo or computer gaming. We were professionals when it came to street football and flashlight tag. By about 11 years old though, I got into BMX and MX so I was always on the road traveling to race.

Do you guys plan any longer vacation for this summer? Will you get something like a yearly group days off or you take time off one by one when you feel like it? Everyone here is different. Some vacation a lot, some vacation little. I prefer the weekend away camping or something. I rarely take a week long vacation.

Where do you plan on going... generalyQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png speaking? Probably the couch.

Did you have a nice weekend and did you do anything exciting or fun you'd like to share with us? Lots of sleep, some work done on the car, some conversation with friends over some drinks, a bit of DQ VIII, and yep, thats about it.

Any devs play golf? Not I. One of the most boring sports mankind ever created.

Favorite Horror film director? What film? Eli Roth. Cabin Fever mixes the blood, gore, fine FINE women, and comedy in the perfect dose. Although, I have to say on a more serious level, John Carpenter ranks high as well with The Thing.

What's you fav Nuclear-Era monster that came from film cinema during 1950's-1960's (Serious Question Damnit)? Cant say I ever had the stomach for old flicks since my dad was a HUGE old horror/sci-fi film buff. Made me sick that those were all that were ever on tvQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png when I was younger.... and I would always miss my Kung Fu Theater. But in general, my fav "Nucular" wink.gif era creature would be the Terminators.... but I am sure that they dont count in your book, heh.

Booze or Coke? I would have to say booze, cause I don't drink soda.

Did you listen to one genre of music when you were younger, only to find that you listen to a different genre now, and if so, what were they? I always listened to a lot of different stuff. I really never had just ONE favorite.

BTW, do you 'industrial' devs like Aphex? Of course. The Ambient albums are the best cause they put you in a strange, trance that makes driving while listening to it at 140db VERY interesting at 4am.

Ever watched "Ice Pirates" with Robert Urich and Angelica Houston? Ya man. I simply wish the SoulBot and the space herpy got their own spin-off movie.

If Michael Bay made Pulp Fiction 2....would you pay to see it? Couldnt say. Why? You have a trailer?

Whats your favorite beer / liquor / mixed drink? Guinness draft / Makers Mark / Capt-Coke

Sweden or Finland? I donno, I heard they both equally have very fine wimmins.

Is it hot at your place? Yes, and i am sitting here in my boxers with an cold penguin laying over my shoulder.

Address, Drivers licence, credit card #, and Social Security? (just-mess'n) You gotta kiss me first.

Is there a better way to ask "what do you need" than "what you be needin'" ? "Get it yo'self."

Are you developers Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, or opponents of everything Star Wars? Star Wars is dead in my book.

Given that several of you devs have a literary background, is T. S. Eliot British or American? Literary.... hahaha.... funny. C'mon man, I read SubieSport. GREAT bathroom material.

Sweet or sour? As in, how do I like my women or which ones do I end up getting anyways?

Who killed Kennedy? Cigarette smoking man

Is Elvis still alive? If so, will there be a Burger Lord in-game? Elvis is indeed dead.

What sort of music do you listen to? I listen to mostly everything, except country, but prefer drum&bass and electronica. Boards of Canada, Cinematic Orchestra, and Hooverphonic to name a few.

Do any of you support GNU/Linux, or free software in general? Sure, I support it, even though I do nothing to aid in the production/progress of any of it.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Wood chucks are imaginary.

Are you guys humans?? Unless NONhumans can be taxed, I would assume we are.

Which Max do you prefer, Mad Max, Max Payne, or Max from Sam & Max? 3dStudio Max BOOYAH!

Novelist I dont read novels. No attention span for that crap. But I will say any of then writers/editors of will work. Words are words to me.

Artist Frank Frazetta

Cartoonist Chuck Jones

Comic Book Writer Frank Miller

Actor Ed Harris

Actress Cate Blanchett

Movie Glengarry Glen Ross

Band Cinematic Orchestra

Television Show Dexter

What's cooler; gigantic chunky dudes (ala Warhammer 40K, Gears of War) or skinny, quick dudes (ala most heroes in animé and manga)? Dunno. Depends on what the "dude" does I guess.

Ever read the comic 2000AD? Nope, can't say I ever heard of it. Havent been into comics in a LOOONG time though.

Rumors? I heard that Susan is the preggers with Anthony's baby, but Tim doesn't know.

. What is your, um, adult movie star name. Take your first pet's name and add the name of the street you grew up on. Sparky Dewey

The works of Joss Whedon No thanks.

The works of Douglas Adams Enjoyable.

The works of Hayao Miyazaki Outlandish and fun.

Farscape Underappreciated.

Battle Angel Alita I thought I was the only one who knew about BAA!

Your desk and its surroundings Always a little too clean and boring.

An RPG set in the apocalyptic world of Idiocracy (the movie) The benefit of the doubt.

Have you ever seen the rain, coming down on a sunny day? I bet you haven't! You clearly don't live in and around DC.

Can you buy an average car with your monthly pay? If by average you mean a used ghetto sled from 1986.

Do you like Turkish Coffee? Honestly do not think I have had Turkish coffee.

What's your favorite drinking-game? Sit On Couch With Beverage And Do Whatever

Who's the worlds hottest actress? Cate Blanchett

If you had to choose a profession that didn't involve computers, what would it be? Auto customization/resoration

Which has been your most inaccurate conception of the world as a kid compared to now? I always thought it was easier being an adult when I was younger. Mom and dad always seemed to have it easy. Boy was I wrong. To be young and in school again.... *sigh*

Which has been your greatest crisis in your life so far, and what did you do to overcome it? Nasty car accident some years back. Both mental and physical trauma involved and overcoming it was just a matter of taking it all one day at a time.

What are those three things that you never seem to succeed at? Keeping a woman's attention longer than it takes to say "Hi, looking for a man-hunk?". Going more than a few months without getting pulled over by a cop for any said number of reasons. Quit smoking.

What tree new things would you like to try in the next 12 months? Good question.... unfortunately, nothing really comes to mind. I think I have already tried and failed at most.

I would like to know what the devs think about general negative feedback from Fallout fanbase all around the world after Game Infromer Q&A goes public (read: main game design decisions are known)? Well, with negative, there is always some positive too. Its the positive feedback that keeps me going personally.

What time is it? 00:28am

How old are you? Far too old for high school prom dates, that much is for sure.

How are you? Tired and just about ready for bed.

What's your special animals? Uh.... what?