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Fallout76 E3 Megasloth 1528639312.jpg
LocationWest Virginia

Megasloth is a creature found in Fallout 76.


The mutated sloth is a lumbering creature unleashed upon West Virginia after the Great War. Although indigenous to tropical climates, a small population of these creatures has been imported to West Virginia by Isaac Garrahan. Obsessed with the creature,[1] he kept them in luxurious enclosures at the Garrahan Estate, although his lax animal keeping skills resulted in regular escapes - much to the chagrin of his brother, Bill.[2]

They achieved the same feat after the Great War, making their way down from the Estate into the wilderness. Thanks to the radiation, the megasloth has not only adapted to the temperate environment, but also became much, much larger. The enormous mega sloth retained its peaceful nature, but developed a fierce territorial instinct and is also not nearly as slow as one might expect.[3]


The biology of the mutated sloth is both similar and distinct from its ancestors. Unable to continue its arboreal life due to the great increase in size and mass, the mega sloth has switched to living on the ground. Although it no longer needs to conceal itself from predators, it moves slowly and carefully in search of food within its considerable territory. This allowed it to continue its symbiotic relationship with flora, although the size of the sloth allowed it to upgrade from algae to full-size fungi.[4]


Fallout 76


Megasloths appear in Fallout 76.


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    I've also told him next time I flick on the lights to my room and a furry thing suddenly lunges at me, I'm going to shoot it, stuff it and mount it on my wall. Hell, if it was up to me, I'd walk right down to his little zoo and wipe the little bastards out just to save us all the trouble."
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