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Melody's dialogue

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Melody's dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue table

Dialogue file
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic018 I got Sergeant Teddy - he's a little chewed up. That's okay, I'll fix him! Can I have him now? VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001367F2_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic021 Why did Antony take him away? Antony said he was punishing me for trying to hide it from the Legion. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00154383_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic003 {Dumb PC}Moo! That's what Brahmin say. {giggles}They do say that! I guess you can be my friend. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00138E08_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic003 {Dumb PC}Moo! That's what Brahmin say. Um... can you help me? VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00138E08_2
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic011 What did you need help with? Antony took Sergeant Teddy away and gave him to the stinky dogs. I want him back! VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001367F3_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic012 Uhh... wouldn't Sergeant Teddy be dead? He's a toy. I'm not a baby, you know. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001367F7_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic013 They let you have toys here? I kept him secret, but I think somebody told on me. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001367F6_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic014 I can't help you with that right now. Oh, okay. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001367F8_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic015 I'll see what I can do. Thanks! VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001367F4_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic016 Goodbye. Bye. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001367F9_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic019 Here you go. Thank you! VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001367F5_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic020 Not so fast. What will you give me for him? But... I don't have anything. I thought you were my friend! VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001367FA_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic022 < Tear Sergeant Teddy in half. > {crying}Sergeant Teddy! VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0013691D_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic010 What do you do here? Um... I help take care of the Brahmin. I sometimes bring water and food to people. Um... that's it. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00130131_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic001 < Speech - 50 > I'm a friend. It's okay for you to talk to friends, right? [SUCCEEDED] I guess that's okay. Um, if you're a friend, can you help me? VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00130132_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic001 < Speech - 50 > I just have some questions. It'll probably be okay to talk to me. [FAILED] I'm not allowed to talk to you. Bye. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001237F4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {quiet, shy - nervous young girl}I can't talk to you. It's not allowed. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_00122B92_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Player destroyed Sergeant Teddy}{tearful}I don't want to talk to you! I hate you! VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_001543AB_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {brightening up - she's seeing a friend}Hi! VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_0012723E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {quiet, shy - nervous young girl}I'm still not allowed to talk to you. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_00130133_1

Cut dialogue file

Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Dialogue file
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortMelodyTopic002 {Child At Heart}Don't worry - I won't tell on you if you don't tell on me. Okay. Um... do you think you could help me? VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001237F1_1
Icon cut content.pngEnd of information based on Fallout New Vegas cut content.