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Mercier's dialogue

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Mercier's dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFallout3.esm

Dialogue file table

Dialogue file table
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Who's out there? GenericRaider_AlertIdle_0008539D_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Huh. Hearing those damn noises again. GenericRaider_AlertIdle_0008539E_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Hiding from me? Better hope I don't find you! GenericRaider_AlertIdle_0008539F_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Ok, cut the shit... who is that? GenericRaider_AlertIdle_000853A0_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle This is bullshit... come out and fight! GenericRaider_AlertIdle_000853A1_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Scared, just like a little bitch. GenericRaider_AlertIdle_000853A2_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Hello? Who's there? Generic_AlertIdle_0002FBEE_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Hahaha! It's killing time! GenericRai_AlertToCombat_00028D6A_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat This is gonna be fun! GenericRai_AlertToCombat_00028D6B_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Time to tear you apart! GenericRai_AlertToCombat_000853D2_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat You're dead, meatsack! GenericRai_AlertToCombat_000853D3_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat I'm gonna tear you up! GenericRai_AlertToCombat_000853D4_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat C'mon, boys! Fresh meat! GenericRai_AlertToCombat_00028D6C_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Aha! There you are! Generic_AlertToCombat_0002FBF2_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal You got what you deserved, dumbass. GenericRai_AlertToNormal_00028D6F_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal You know, I almost feel sorry for this poor bastard. Almost. Hahaha! GenericRai_AlertToNormal_00028D70_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Haha! What kind of an idiot screws with a Raider anyway? GenericRai_AlertToNormal_00028D71_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Get back, you monkeys. I got first call on the goods. GenericRai_AlertToNormal_00028D72_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Back up. I got first dibs on the loot. GenericRai_AlertToNormal_00028D73_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Stand down, boys. GenericRai_AlertToNormal_00028D74_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Relax, fellas. Trouble's over. GenericRai_AlertToNormal_00028D75_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal I guess it was nothing. Generic_AlertToNormal_0002FBD2_1
Combat Assault Assault Get the fuck away from me! GenericRaider_Assault_00085370_1
Combat Attack Attack Yeaaaaaaaaah! GenericRaider_Attack_000853C1_1 Battle cry
Combat Attack Attack Eat it! GenericRaider_Attack_000853C2_1
Combat Attack Attack I'm gonna mount you on my fucking wall! GenericRaider_Attack_000853C3_1 angry, screaming
Combat Attack Attack Beg... beg! GenericRaider_Attack_000853C4_1
Combat Attack Attack Ooohh! I love when they fight back! GenericRaider_Attack_000853C5_1
Combat Attack Attack You're dead! dead! GenericRaider_Attack_000853C6_1 Angry, screaming
Combat Attack Attack Come on... come on... GenericRaider_Attack_000853C8_1 urgent/frantic -- wants the guy he's attacking to die already
Combat Attack Attack You're gonna die! Ha ha ha! GenericRaider_Attack_000853C9_1
Combat Attack Attack Grrrr.... GenericRaider_Attack_000853CA_1 growing to himself
Combat Attack Attack You're dead, bitch! GenericRaider_Attack_000853CB_1
Combat Attack Attack Aggghhh! GenericRaider_Attack_000853CC_1 Angry battle cry
Combat Attack Attack Yeeeaaahhh! GenericRaider_Attack_0009FA52_1 Angry battle cry
Combat Attack Attack Oooh! Got a feisty one! GenericRaider_Attack_00048792_1
Combat Attack Attack I'll tear your heart out! GenericRaider_Attack_000853CD_1
Combat Attack Attack Call a doctor! We got a bleeder! Ha ha ha ha ha! GenericRaider_Attack_000853CE_1
Combat Attack Attack I'm gonna kick your ass! GenericRaider_Attack_000853CF_1 laughing/mocking
Combat Attack Attack Eat it! GenericRaider_Attack_000853D0_1
Combat Attack Attack You like that, huh? You like that? GenericRaider_Attack_00028D39_1 angry, crazy, in combat
Combat Attack Attack Help me with this one! GenericRaider_Attack_00048354_1 Angry, in combat
Combat Attack Attack You're dead! Dead! GenericRaider_Attack_00048355_1
Combat Attack Attack Aggghhh! GenericRaider_Attack_00048356_1 in combat, screams in frustration
Combat Attack Attack Stop moving around so much! GenericRaider_Attack_00048357_1
Combat Attack Attack Will you just... stand still! GenericRaider_Attack_00048358_1 angry, in combat
Combat Attack Attack Hold still, meat. GenericRaider_Attack_00048793_1
Combat Attack Attack Die! Die! Diiiieee!! GenericRaider_Attack_00029A75_1
Combat Attack Attack Die! GenericRaider_Attack_00029A76_1
Combat Attack Attack You want a little, huh? You want a little somethin'? GenericRaider_Attack_00015059_1
Combat Attack Attack Time to die! Ha ha ha ha ha! GenericRaider_Attack_000C73C6_1
Combat Attack Attack Time's up, princess! GenericRaider_Attack_000C73C7_1
Combat Attack Attack Should have stayed in bed today, hero! GenericRaider_Attack_000C73C8_1
Combat Attack Attack Look at the little boy playin' tough guy! Ha ha ha ha ha! GenericRaider_Attack_000C73C9_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Fuck me! GenericRaider_AvoidThreat_000853BF_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Holy shit! GenericRaider_AvoidThreat_000853C0_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Oh shit! GenericRaider_AvoidThreat_00028D45_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Run, run, RUN! GenericRaider_AvoidThreat_00048791_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat DUCK! GenericRaider_AvoidThreat_0004834F_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Watch out! GenericRaider_AvoidThreat_00028D46_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Over there! Watch it! GenericRaider_AvoidThreat_00028D47_1
Combat AvoidThreatResponse AvoidThreatResponse Go, go, go! GenericRai_AvoidThreatResp_000853A9_1
Combat AvoidThreatResponse AvoidThreatResponse Get away from it! GenericRai_AvoidThreatResp_000853AB_1
Service BarterExit BarterExit Yeah, yeah. I hope you choke on it. GenericRaider_BarterExit_00086C27_1
Service BarterExit BarterExit Don't like your deal? Tough shit. GenericRaider_BarterExit_00086C28_1
Service BarterExit BarterExit No refunds, asshole. GenericRaider_BarterExit_00086C29_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Playing games with me, huh? GenericRaider_CombatToLost_000853D5_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Holy shit! The fucker disappeared! GenericRaider_CombatToLost_000853D6_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Where'd that little fucker go? GenericRaider_CombatToLost_00028D6D_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Where'd that little bitch go? GenericRaider_CombatToLost_00028D6E_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Awww man, come back! I was havin' fun! GenericRaider_CombatToLost_000853D7_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Shit! Lost 'em! GenericRaider_CombatToLost_00029A83_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Where'd you go? Generic_CombatToLost_0002FBE9_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Dibs on the loot. GenericRai_CombatToNormal_00028D69_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Ha ha! Kick ass. GenericRai_CombatToNormal_00085377_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Like shootin' fish in a barrel. GenericRai_CombatToNormal_00085378_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Another one bites the dust. GenericRai_CombatToNormal_00085379_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Too fuckin' easy. GenericRai_CombatToNormal_0008537A_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal That's how it's done, boys. GenericRai_CombatToNormal_00029A93_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Phew. I'm glad that's over. Generic_CombatToNormal_0002FBFE_1
Combat Death Death Gaaah! Generic_Death_000208D3_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Urgh! Generic_Death_0001FB58_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Urgh! Generic_Death_000208D4_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Aaaah! Generic_Death_0001FB59_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Aaaah! Generic_Death_000208D5_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Nooo! Generic_Death_0001FB5A_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Nooo! Generic_Death_000208D6_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Agggghhh! Generic_Death_00020712_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Ooohhhh! Generic_Death_00020713_1 death scream
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Dumbass. GenericRai_DeathResponse_00028D58_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse More loot for me! GenericRai_DeathResponse_0004834C_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Dammit! They owed me 50 caps! GenericRai_DeathResponse_0004834D_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Goddamn, I'm glad that wasn't me! GenericRai_DeathResponse_0008537F_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Oh, you're gonna pay for that. GenericRai_DeathResponse_00085380_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse <sound of spitting> GenericRai_DeathResponse_00029A7B_1 spitting on the body of someone you just killed
Conversation FFEU18RaiderTaunt FFEU18RaiderTaunt Just say the word and it's all over. Course then we'd have to skin you alive and eat your liver. FFEUniqueA_FFEU18RaiderTau_000ABBC0_1
Conversation FFEU18RaiderTaunt FFEU18RaiderTaunt Pain! Pain is your only friend! FFEUniqueA_FFEU18RaiderTau_000ABBC1_1
Conversation FFEU18RaiderTaunt FFEU18RaiderTaunt Don't flinch, you coward! FFEUniqueA_FFEU18RaiderTau_000ABBC2_1
Conversation FFEU18RaiderTaunt FFEU18RaiderTaunt Are you gonna cry? Come on, cry for me! FFEUniqueA_FFEU18RaiderTau_000ABBC3_1
Conversation FFEU18RaiderTaunt FFEU18RaiderTaunt You think you're good enough to run with us? FFEUniqueA_FFEU18RaiderTau_000ABBC4_1
Conversation FFEU18RaiderTaunt FFEU18RaiderTaunt That's right. Love the pain! Embrace the pain! FFEUniqueA_FFEU18RaiderTau_000ABBC5_1
Conversation FFEU18RaiderTaunt FFEU18RaiderTaunt Pain is your friend. FFEUniqueA_FFEU18RaiderTau_000ABBC6_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Special delivery! GenericRai_FireExplosive_00028D54_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Eat this! GenericRai_FireExplosive_0004834B_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Blow him to bits! GenericRai_FireExplosive_00028D55_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Blow her to bits! GenericRai_FireExplosive_00028D56_1
Combat Flee Flee Graaaahhhhh! No! GenericRaider_Flee_00028D76_1
Combat Flee Flee Screw this! GenericRaider_Flee_00085389_1
Combat Flee Flee Fuck this! I'm out of here! GenericRaider_Flee_00029A79_1
Combat Flee Flee Shit, you're crazy! GenericRaider_Flee_0008538A_1
Combat Flee Flee Don't kill me! GenericRaider_Flee_0008538B_1
Combat Flee Flee The hell with this! GenericRaider_Flee_00028D77_1
Combat Flee Flee Oh my God, I don't wanna die! GenericRaider_Flee_000C73CA_1
Combat Flee Flee Please, I'm sorry! I was just playin', I swear! GenericRaider_Flee_000C73CB_1
Combat FleeResponse FleeResponse Get back here, you fucking coward! GenericRaider_FleeResponse_0009FA50_1
Combat FleeResponse FleeResponse Goddamnit! GenericRaider_FleeResponse_0009FA51_1
Detection NormalToAlertResponse NormalToAlertResponse Yeah, let's check it out. GenericRai_NormalToAlertRe_000819C3_1
Detection NormalToAlertResponse NormalToAlertResponse Yeah, I did. GenericRai_NormalToAlertRe_000819C4_1
Detection NormalToAlertResponse NormalToAlertResponse Hell yeah! Let's find 'em! GenericRai_NormalToAlertRe_00085381_1
Detection NormalToAlertResponse NormalToAlertResponse If there is, they're dead meat. GenericRai_NormalToAlertRe_00085382_1
Conversation RaiderTalkDontLookAtMe1 RaiderTalkDon'tLookAtMe1 Please. I'll look where the fuck I want to look. What are you gonna do about it? GenericRai_RaiderTalkDontL_00028D36_1
Conversation RaiderTalkDontLookAtMe1 RaiderTalkDon'tLookAtMe1 Well you're just so damn pretty that I can't help but stare. GenericRai_RaiderTalkDontL_00028D37_1
Conversation RaiderTalkDontLookAtMe2 RaiderTalkDon'tLookAtMe2 Keepin talkin', smartass. I've had about enough of your shit. You'd just best watch your back. GenericRai_RaiderTalkDontL_00028D41_1
Conversation RaiderTalkDontLookAtMe2 RaiderTalkDon'tLookAtMe2 Yeah, yeah. Keep runnin' your mouth, asshole. Keep fuckin' with me, and I'll be your worst nightmare. GenericRai_RaiderTalkDontL_00028D42_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortGoodMorningResponse RaiderTalkShortGoodMorningResponse Well ain't you just a regular bushy tailed mother fucker today? GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A7C_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortGoodMorningResponse RaiderTalkShortGoodMorningResponse What's so good about it? GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A7D_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortGoodMorningResponse RaiderTalkShortGoodMorningResponse Good morning? What the hell is wrong with you? GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A7E_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse Fuck off. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A8A_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse Yo. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A8B_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse Hey. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A8C_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse What's up? GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A8D_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse What's goin' on? GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A8E_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse S'up? GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A8F_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse Nice night. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A90_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse Good morning! GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A91_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse RaiderTalkShortHelloResponse What a good morning! GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A92_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Fuck off. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D5B_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne I'm kind of busy here. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D5C_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Boss is on my ass again. You know how it is. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D5D_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Bunch of bullshit. I'll tell you about it later. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D5E_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Two things: Jack and Shit. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D5F_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Ain't got time to tell you about it. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D60_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne You know how it is. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D61_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Zippo. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D62_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Nada. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D63_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Not a damn thing. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D64_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Nothin' at all. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D65_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Nada, man. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00028D66_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne I've got the worst hangover... GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A84_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne That fuckin' sun is giving me a headache. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A85_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne It's way too early in the morning for this shit. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A86_1
Conversation RaiderTalkShortWhatsUpResponse RiaderTalkShortHelloResposne Air feels all fucked up tonight. I think a storm's comin'. GenericRai_RaiderTalkShort_00029A87_1
Conversation RaiderTalkUpNorth1 RaiderTalkUpNorth1 They went up north? Who goes up there? What happened to them? GenericRai_RaiderTalkUpNor_00028D52_1
Conversation RaiderTalkUpNorth1 RaiderTalkUpNorth1 No, but this sounds like it'll be good. GenericRai_RaiderTalkUpNor_00028D53_1
Conversation RaiderTalkUpNorth2 RaiderTalkUpNorth2 One of 'em came back last night, screamin' about claws and fangs and shit. He said they ran into a bunch of monsters a few miles north of the city. GenericRai_RaiderTalkUpNor_00028D43_1
Conversation RaiderTalkUpNorth2 RaiderTalkUpNorth2 Those fuckin' morons... they ran into some kind of trouble up there. One of 'em came back last night, screamin' about monsters or some shit. GenericRai_RaiderTalkUpNor_00028D44_1
Conversation RaiderTalkUpNorth3 RaiderTalkUpNorth3 You're shittin' me! Monsters? Hahaha! GenericRai_RaiderTalkUpNor_00028D3A_1
Conversation RaiderTalkUpNorth3 RaiderTalkUpNorth3 Monsters? They probably got their asses handed to 'em by some Wastelanders and ran home like a bunch of pussies. GenericRai_RaiderTalkUpNor_00028D3B_1
Conversation RaiderTalkUpNorth4 RaiderTalkUpNorth4 No shit. But he wouldn't stop screamin' about "claws of death". We finally got sick of it and put him down. GenericRai_RaiderTalkUpNor_00028D4B_1
Conversation RaiderTalkUpNorth4 RaiderTalkUpNorth4 That's what I said! After a couple hours, we just put a cap in him to get him to shut up. GenericRai_RaiderTalkUpNor_00028D4C_1
Conversation RaiderTalkUpNorth5 RaiderTalkUpNorth5 These rookies kill me sometimes. Monsters... heh... GenericRai_RaiderTalkUpNor_00028D67_1
Conversation RaiderTalkUpNorth5 RaiderTalkUpNorth5 Dumbass rookies, man. GenericRai_RaiderTalkUpNor_00028D68_1
Topic RCTopicPaulieAddict Did you know that Paulie Cantelli is an addict? He's totally strung out. It's going to kill him one of these days. DialogueRi_RCTopicPaulieAd_00095A92_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse It's go time! GenericRai_StartCombatResp_000853AD_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Kick ass! GenericRai_StartCombatResp_000853B0_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Yeah! Tear them apart! GenericRai_StartCombatResp_000853B1_1
Topic SuperDuperMartTOPIC FFsuperDuperMartTOPIC We're back. Somebody open up the... Hang on, something' ain't right here. NQlvl_SuperDuperMartTOPIC_0009D9EC_1 Raider captain over intercom, returning from a raid. NOTE: add radio/intercom filter.
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. See you later. Bye. Generic_GOODBYE_00049E16_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'm not in the mood for you, asshole. GenericRaider_GREETING_00048353_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Yeah? Generic_GREETING_000038C2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hey there. Generic_GREETING_0004C18B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey. You. Yeah, you. I don't like the look you're givin' me. Keep it up and I'll break your fuckin' head open. GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D85_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey, what'd I tell you about lookin' at me like that? Are you in the mood for a busted mouth or something? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D86_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO You'd best point those peepers somewhere else before I tear 'em out of your skull. GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D87_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Did you hear about those newbies? The ones who who went up north lookin' for raids? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D88_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Oh, hey. Check this out. You know those rookie idiots that tried to head up north? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D89_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO You heard anything? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D8A_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What's goin' on over here? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D8B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Que pasa? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D8C_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What's happenin'? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D8D_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What's goin' on? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D8E_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO S'up? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D8F_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What's up? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D90_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What's new? GenericRaider_HELLO_00028D92_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey. GenericRaider_HELLO_00029A88_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Yo. GenericRaider_HELLO_00029A89_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello. Generic_HELLO_00020435_1
Combat Hit Hit My leg! GenericRaider_Hit_0002892E_1
Combat Hit Hit My arm! GenericRaider_Hit_00028D4D_1
Combat Hit Hit Aggh! GenericRaider_Hit_00028D4E_1
Combat Hit Hit Oof! GenericRaider_Hit_00029A72_1
Combat Hit Hit Fuck! GenericRaider_Hit_00028D4F_1
Combat Hit Hit Ahh! GenericRaider_Hit_00048796_1
Combat Hit Hit Goddamnit! GenericRaider_Hit_00048798_1
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_00015122_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_000208D8_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Oof! Generic_Hit_00015123_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Oof! Generic_Hit_000208DA_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Argh! Generic_Hit_00015124_1
Combat Hit Hit Argh! Generic_Hit_000208DC_1
Combat Hit Hit Ahh! Generic_Hit_00015125_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Ahh! Generic_Hit_000208DE_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_00015126_1
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_000208E0_1
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_000208E1_1
Combat Hit Hit Hmph! Generic_Hit_00015127_1
Combat Hit Hit Hmph! Generic_Hit_000208E2_1
Combat Hit Hit Hmph! Generic_Hit_000208E3_1
Conversation IdleChatter Idle Chatter Generic_IdleChatter_000459CA_1 Muttering to yourself while dreaming
Conversation IdleChatter Idle Chatter Generic_IdleChatter_000459CB_1 <snores> Needs to lead into and out of snoring, since this will be called intermittently. And/or make it really long, repeated snoring.
Conversation IdleChatter Idle Chatter Generic_IdleChatter_00049036_1 <snores> Needs to lead into and out of snoring, since this will be called intermittently. And/or make it really long, repeated snoring.
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Oh, I know you're here. I'll find you. GenericRaider_LostIdle_00085390_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle When you turn up, you're dead. GenericRaider_LostIdle_00085391_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Come on out... I promise a quick death! GenericRaider_LostIdle_00085392_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Only a fuckin' coward hides. GenericRaider_LostIdle_00085393_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Scared huh? You should be. GenericRaider_LostIdle_00085394_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle No need to hide. It'll all be over soon. GenericRaider_LostIdle_00085395_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Come out, come out, wherever you are! Generic_LostIdle_0002FC20_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat There you are, you little bastard. GenericRaider_LostToCombat_00029A73_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat There you are, you little bitch. GenericRaider_LostToCombat_00028D5A_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Your time just ran out! GenericRaider_LostToCombat_0008539A_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Fuckin' hide from me? You're dead! GenericRaider_LostToCombat_0008539B_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Ha! Found your sorry ass! GenericRaider_LostToCombat_0008539C_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Thought you could hide? GenericRaider_LostToCombat_00028D59_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat There you are! Generic_LostToCombat_0002FC18_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Yeah. Keep runnin'. GenericRaider_LostToNormal_00028D35_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Chicken shit. GenericRaider_LostToNormal_00085396_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal You better run. GenericRaider_LostToNormal_00085397_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Ha. What a little bitch. GenericRaider_LostToNormal_00085398_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Dumb ass coward. GenericRaider_LostToNormal_00085399_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Shit. Must've scared 'em off. GenericRaider_LostToNormal_00029A7F_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Nobody here anymore. Generic_LostToNormal_00052051_1
Combat Murder Murder Holy shit! Someone got themselves whacked. GenericRaider_Murder_0008538C_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Hey, I think someone's out there. GenericRai_NormalToAlert_0008537B_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Did you hear that? GenericRai_NormalToAlert_00028D49_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Whoa, whoa. Shut the fuck up a second. I hear something. GenericRai_NormalToAlert_0008537C_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert What the fuck was that? GenericRai_NormalToAlert_00029A94_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Huh? Hearin' shit... GenericRai_NormalToAlert_0008537D_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Someone there? GenericRai_NormalToAlert_0008537E_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert What was that? Generic_NormalToAlert_0002FC23_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Oh. Hell. YES. GenericRai_NormalToCombat_00028D3F_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat First mistake. Last mistake. GenericRai_NormalToCombat_00029A80_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Fresh blood, just ripe for the takin'! GenericRai_NormalToCombat_00085386_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Time for you to bleed! GenericRai_NormalToCombat_00085387_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat I'm gonna tear your fuckin' throat out! GenericRai_NormalToCombat_00085388_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat This shouldn't take long! GenericRai_NormalToCombat_00028D40_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Over here! Generic_NormalToCombat_000208E5_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket Are you out of your fucking mind? GenericRaider_Pickpocket_000853A3_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket You have a death wish or something? GenericRaider_Pickpocket_000853A4_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack You want to get close, huh? Huh?! GenericRaider_PowerAttack_00085383_1 Angry screaming attack with a melee weapon
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Want to dance, meat? Let's dance! GenericRaider_PowerAttack_00085384_1 Power attack scream
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack I'm gonna eat your heart, you piece of shit! GenericRaider_PowerAttack_00085385_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Huurrraghh! Generic_PowerAttack_00022AAF_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Rrrraaahhh! Generic_PowerAttack_00022AB1_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Yaargh! Generic_PowerAttack_00051FFA_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Grrrraah! Generic_PowerAttack_00051FFB_1