Mesa Verde PIPBoy entries

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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.


Bring a G.E.C.K. to Isaac in exchange for his power armor.

Isaac wants me to bring him a G.E.C.K. to study. In exchange, he'll give me his old power armor.

I wasn't able to get a G.E.C.K., but DIANA gave me a holodisk with a lot information about G.E.C.K.s. Isaac might accept this instead of an actual G.E.C.K.

Isaac said he didn't really expect me to find a G.E.C.K., and he accepted the G.E.C.K. holodisk instead. As we agreed, he gave me his power armor.


Find out what's wrong with Trig's death cannon.

Trig has built some sort of laser death cannon to use on the Vipers, but it doesn't work.

I inspected Trig's death cannon, and found out that the capacitors she used are defective. This is what's preventing the cannon from firing.

Trig said I might be able to find another set of capacitors at Fort Abandon.

I helped Trig replace the capacitors on her death cannon, and we fired it at the Vipers. The results were extremely impressive. Unfortunately, Trig's cannon was completely fried in the process.

Tried to tell Trig why gun thingie broken. She not understand. Maybe if me find parts and show her, she understand better.

Gun thingie fixed. We shoot snake guys and they scream and turn black. Fun!


Cure Radian's illness.

Radian says he's sick, but he doesn't know what's wrong with him.

I used my medical skills to diagnose Radian, and it turns out that he has High Desert Fever.

I could treat Radian's illness, but I need a doctor's bag first.

I cured Radian's illness.

Instead of curing Radian, I gave him some extremely addictive painkillers instead. He'll feel cured, but only for a few hours.


Sabotage Mesa Verde's wind turbine.

Drake, the leader of the Viper band blockading Mesa Verde, mentioned that I could help them out by sabotaging the village's wind turbine.

Without the turbine, the village can't get any more water.

I've agreed to sabotage Mesa Verde's wind turbine for the Vipers. Drake warned me to leave the Ciphers alive for the Vipers.

I was able to sabotage Mesa Verde's wind turbine without being noticed.

While I was able to sabotage Mesa Verde's wind turbine, my activities were noticed and I had to defend myself from the enraged Ciphers.

You aided the Vipers by sabotaging the Ciphers' wind turbine.

I used Radian's painkiller addiction against him and forced him to sabotage the wind turbine for me.