Metal armor (Fallout 2)

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For an overview of Metal armor variants throughout the Fallout series, see Metal armor.
Metal armor
AC bonus10
Value$ 1,100
Normal30 DR4 DT
Laser75 DR6 DT
Fire10 DR4 DT
Plasma20 DR4 DT
Electrical0 DR0 DT
Explosive25 DR4 DT
Prototype id00000002
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG

Polished metal plates, crudely forming a suit of armor.

— In-game description

Metal armor is a suit of armor in Fallout 2.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A crude suit of armor, consisting of polished metal plates[1] hammered to resemble a breastplate and pauldrons covering the chest, abdomen and shoulders, worn together with a pair of boots reinforced with metal plating. The three spikes mounted on the left shoulder are perhaps the most striking feature of this suit. Usually worn with light brown trousers.

Gameplay attributes[edit | edit source]

A mid-tier armor that's intended as a stepping stone between leather armor and combat armor, metal armor is an entirely optional upgrade, given that its better resistances and thresholds are offset by the much lower armor class. However, it has very high energy weapon resistances, only bested by power and Tesla armors.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • MKII metal armor: A more finely constructed variant, offering better protection.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Vault City: Inside the dark locker at the Corrections Center. Can be taken with impunity if the player positions themselves behind it, outside the guard's line of sight.
  • Vault 8: Inside a locker on level 2 (center living quarters).


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