Michael Clark

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Mentioned-only character
Michael Clark
Biography and appearance
FamilyRandall Clark (father)
Sylvie (mother)
Mentioned inHonest Hearts
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Michael Clark was the unborn son of Randall Clark and Sylvie.


After confirming Sylvie story (it matching the "interrogations" of other captured survivors the year prior) they started a relationship with each other. She not knowing how to survive outside of a Vault but wanting to learn.[1] By September 9th, 2100, the relationship blossomed and she was pregnant with Clark's child.[2] Unfortunately their son Michael was born breech, Clark tried to turn him and failed. The Caesarean was a failure and she never regained consciousness. He buried them both south of the narrows. Being by their sides comforted him, as before he never go to say goodbye.[3]


Michael Clark is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.