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For an overview of microfusion cell types throughout the Fallout series, see microfusion cell.
Microfusion cell
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Microfusion cell
0.05 (JS)
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Microfusion cell, bulk
0.05 (JS)
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Microfusion cell, max charge
0.05 (JS)
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Microfusion cell, over charge
0.05 (JS)
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Microfusion cell, optimized (Vigilant Recycler) (GRA)
0.033 (JS)
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The microfusion cell (MFC) is a type of ammunition in Fallout: New Vegas.

Background[edit | edit source]

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Microfusion cells are described as a medium sized energy production unit, a self-contained fusion reactor[1][2] with a capacity of 1040.8 VDC.[3] Primarily used by two-handed energy weapons.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A self-contained fusion plant used as universal ammunition for larger energy weapons.

Weapons using this ammunition[edit | edit source]

Weapons created with this ammunition[edit | edit source]

Recycling[edit | edit source]

Main article: Workbench

After firing, there is a chance that spent microfusion cells will turn into drained microfusion cells. These are automatically placed in the player character's inventory. Drained microfusion cells can then be recycled back into usable microfusion cells at a workbench.

See: comparison table for chances of drained microfusion cells being produced for each variant of microfusion cell.

Conversion[edit | edit source]

Conversion (type)

Microfusion cells can be converted into, and from, other energy weapon ammunition types (i.e. electron charge packs and energy cells) at a workbench, with the appropriate Science skill.

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From To Name Skill required Produced on Ratio
Microfusion cell Electron charge pack Conversion, microfusion cell to electron charge pack Science: 40 Workbench 1:3
Energy cell Conversion, microfusion cell to small energy cell Science: 20 Workbench 2:3
Conversion (variant)

The player can also pool charges from good cells together to make more powerful variants, which improve damage and bypass more enemy DT but burn out weapon components faster.

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From To Skill required Produced on Amount required
Microfusion cell Microfusion cell max charge (2) Science: 75 Workbench 5
Microfusion optimized (GRA)¹ (2) Science: 55/(70)² Workbench 3
Microfusion cell over charge (2) Science: 45 Workbench 3

Variants[edit | edit source]

Microfusion cell, bulk[edit | edit source]

Bulk microfusion cells carry less charge than standard microfusion cells, but are substantially cheaper to compensate. The reduced charge results in 85% damage, but also reduces the strain on the weapon to 85% as well.

Microfusion cell, max charge[edit | edit source]

The max charge version of the microfusion cell deals the highest possible damage (x 1.5) at the expense of highly increased weapon degradation (x 2.50). Using this ammunition type also negates 10 points of an opponent's Damage Threshold.

Microfusion cell, over charge[edit | edit source]

Over charge microfusion cells gives a damage multiplier (x1.25) and negates 5 points of an opponent's Damage Threshold. This comes at the cost of having your weapon deteriorate at a faster rate (x1.50).

Microfusion cell, optimized (Vigilant Recycler) (GRA)[edit | edit source]

Added in the add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal, this sub-type causes 30% more damage, penetrates armor more effectively, and weighs less than the standard microfusion cell. The only drawback is a slight increase in weapon degradation. It requires Vigilant Recycler and can only be crafted at a workbench. This type of cell is superior to overcharged cells.

Comparison[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Damage Threshold Condition Weapons Spread Other Craftable Empty Casing
Microfusion cell x 1 - 2 x 1 x 1 Yes 35% Chance
Microfusion cell, bulk x 0.85 x 1 x 0.85 x 1 No 20% Chance
Microfusion cell, max charge x 1.5 - 10 x 2.5 x 1 Yes 10% Chance
Microfusion cell, over charge x 1.25 - 5 x 1.5 x 1 Yes 25% Chance
Microfusion cell, optimized (Vigilant Recycler) (GRA) x 1.3 - 5 x 1.1 x 1 60% of standard weight Yes 35% Chance

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

  • A large stockpile of microfusion cells can be found at REPCONN headquarters, behind a locked door (Lockpick 50) on the first floor. Over 600 microfusion cells can be found throughout the building.
  • Quartermaster Bardon in the Hoover Dam Offices stocks large quantities.
  • The Great Khan Armorer, southeast of Red Rock Canyon stocks large quantities.
  • Hidden Valley bunker. If you gain accepted status or higher with the Brotherhood of Steel, you will be approached by a BoS initiate telling you they have placed recycled ammunition in a box at the bottom of the entrance stairs to the L1 area. The box will be replenished randomly with microfusion cells, electron charge packs and small energy cells whenever you enter L1, giving a continuous supply of energy weapons ammunition.
  • The Silver Rush sells very large quantities.
  • Having an NCR Emergency Radio, and an Energy Weapons skill higher than your Guns skill, will allow you to call for a supply crate which usually contains an amount of microfusion cells.
  • In Vault 22, over 100 microfusion cells can be found in the reactor room, inside two lockers in the Common Areas.
  • Occasionally sold by Cliff Briscoe.
  • Regular and variants sold by Chet past level 3.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Microfusion cells are used by 15 different weapons, the largest number for any ammunition type in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Despite their weight, microfusion cells will float.