Millicent Purvis

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Mentioned-only character
Millicent Purvis
Biography and appearance
AffiliationSierra Madre Resort & Casino
FamilyUnnamed daughter
Mentioned inDead Money
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[I'm] going to join the circus

Millicent Purvis (2005October 23rd, 2077) was a 72 year old customer at the Sierra Madre Resort & Casino.

Background[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Pervis was a patron of the Sierra Madre Resort & Casino, as such she was one such person to have witnessed the original Gala Event. After the opening of the Resort & Casino she got drunk at the bar within the casino. During her stupor she decided to climb the rafters of the casino, tripping over an emitter, being cheered on by the other guests and inviting them to climb the raters, to quote, "use them like monkey bars." During her "stroll" she emptied the content of her purse onto the rafters[1] and dropped it onto the casino floor.[2] When security arrived he caught her on the rafter over by the cashier's area and brought her to lockup. He then called her daughter to come and taker her back to her room. Her daughter was visibly agitated, and embarrassed, not wishing to quote "cause any more trouble for Mr. Sinclair."[3] Both Mrs. Purvis and her daughter died when the Great War triggered the security of the Sierra Madre.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Millicent Purvis is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.