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Mitchel Sikes

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Mentioned-only character
Mitchel Sikes
Biography and appearance
RaceHuman (formerly)
Ghoul (formerly)
Feral ghoul
AffiliationNuka-Cola Corporation (formerly)
Kiddie Kingdom
Mentioned inFallout 4

Mitchel Sikes was a Nuka-Cola Corporation employee (clown) at Kiddie Kingdom[1] and a key member of the survivalist colony that emerged from it.


The Plan

Unlike most survivalist settlements, Kiddie Kingdom was first conceived at party for Rachel Watkins who got a job in the park as Princess Cherry. Agreeing to take over the park if the Sino-American War turned especially sour, instead of sealing the deal with a handshake, the employees passed a round of shots. In less than a year,[2] Oswald and Rachel had adequately stocked up the employee tunnels beneath this park, including everything from preserved food and seeds, to tools, extra lumber and even water from the pump systems. It was just about everything, except for weapons, that was Mitchel's job. On October 23rd, 2077, the Chinese finally dropped the bombs, and all the employees stuck to The Plan. Unfortunately they were not able to talk sense into all of the park visitors, but they were able to grab a few out of the stampede and take refuge in the employee tunnels.[3]

His arrival

One week later, with the survivors already having written him off as dead, Mitchel finally appeared in a semi-truck half full of guns, explosives, food, medicine, chemicals, and more; he reported he had simply been busy gathering the rest of what the employees would need to fortify Kiddie Kingdom. When Oswald asked him about it (and the blood on his shirt) Mitchel deflected and told Oswald to leave it alone. They then decided to blow up the service tunnel passages connecting to the other areas of the park as a precaution; additionally, if things did not calm down in the next few weeks, they would head outside and barricade the gates.[4]

The coming storms

The fighting outside indeed calmed down, so they decided to leave the employee tunnels and divided the Kingdom amongst themselves for living accommodation, and that it would be prudent to fortify the park regardless.[5] Just as they were finishing up barricading the gates, a strange storm started to blow in over the horizon to the east. They barely had time to finish, and when it hit, it hit hard. It was unlike anything they had seen before, almost like a tornado with green lightning arcing through the sky. They all ended up taking shelter where they could, but a few people just got sucked into the vortex and disappeared forever. The storm took hours to pass over, trapping those that took shelter where they were.[6]

The storm was highly radioactive, most likely picking up the fallout from Boston and everyone was experiencing radiation poisoning for weeks. Quite a few died and those who did not were mutating into ghouls, something their preparedness videos never mentioned.[6]


After the storm passed, the survivors finished setting up the defenses. Although the situation was bad, it was getting a little better. It was at this time Rachel (because of her background in organic chemistry) became their unofficial doctor, and Oswald stepped up and became the leader of the community.[2][7]

Within those first few weeks after the Great War they were attacked for the first time. The group that attacked was not particularity big, nor were they as well armed as those of Kiddie Kingdom. However, they were exceedingly desperate, and they fought ferociously. The attack ended with the survivors of Kiddie Kingdom being successful.[8]

Life as a ghoul

Within the first few months since the radiation storms started twenty three people have died, and the rest had completed their mutation into ghouls.[9] One year after the Great War, in the middle of the night an alarm woke the refugees, the water intake pipes were taking in radioactive (and practically glowing) water from the outside. They had all heard the rumors about Nuka-World having some sort of reactor in the bottling plant and suspected it was for that new soda Nuka-Cola Quantum. Their assumptions were completely correct but at this point, it did not matter now that they all believed they were immune to radiation.[10][11]

Years later, they were attacked by a huge mob that managed to make it past the defenses and almost to the castle when Fran Fowler had an epiphany: the community was "immune" to radiation but the attackers probably were not. She ran into the tunnels and turned on the parks sprayers. In minutes, the attack was over. When her ex-boyfriend Evan heard it was her who figured it out, he kissed her until she couldn't see straight - needless to say they got back together.[12] This strategy continued for decades: groups continued to investigate the park from time to time but they were mostly scared off by the ghouls and their clown makeup, or the radioactive misters.[13]

The Affliction

However, over a hundred years passed before something they began calling "The Affliction" started sweeping through their people; the radiation had taken its toll and began to turn them feral, developing an insatiable hunger for flesh and become excessively aggressive.[14] Mitchel was the first to turn, followed closely by Herman Benson, then Kenneth Wenzel.[15][1] It eventually got worse and worse and the community looked to Rachel to figure out some way of healing them, Despite trying every remedy she knew of, she was unable to treat it. At this point they knew what it was and when it was coming. Some were naturally afraid they were all going to end up as feral beasts, having to be locked away to prevent them from mindlessly attacking people. Part of the community even suggested putting the afflicted out of their misery, but the notion was rejected almost immediately. This community had become a family; family does not kill family, they find find a cure... even if the chances look grim.[16] Even after they had survived radiation storms, starvation, and attacks for over a hundred years, it would be feralization that ultimately ended their settlement.[17] His shambling remains may still be among the roamers in 2287.


Mitchel Sikes is mentioned only in Fallout 4.