Mojave Express dropbox

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Mojave Express dropbox
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Mojave Express dropbox is a container in Fallout: New Vegas.


Mojave Express Dropboxes can be used to move items from one dropbox to another. To be able to use them, at least two drop boxes must have been activated. If a box has items waiting inside, it will have its small red flag up, which will go down once the items shipped to the box have been retrieved. They cost nothing to use, and can move thousands of pounds with no problem.


There are five dropboxes in the Mojave Wasteland:


  • Items picked up from a dropbox are added to the player's inventory directly, rather than merely taking them out as with a container. For large shipments, this can result in a significant number of messages addressing the individual items picked up.
  • Also unlike a container, items cannot be stored in a dropbox. Any items placed in a dropbox must be sent somewhere, and the dropboxes won't work if you've only found one.
  • A glitch can occur when the dropbox will always be labeled [EMPTY] even if you have shipped items to it.
  • You may make multiple shipments to a specific dropbox, from the same or multiple locations. When you pick up those items they will be combined into one delivery.
  • It is safe to store items in a secondary drop Box (one you have transferred a package of items to). They stay there until you go and personally retrieve them.