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This page lists Monongah terminals.


Town Council Terminal

Welcome text

Property of Monongah Township


Councilwoman S. Neeley Presiding

Meeting Minutes 04.02.75



  • Monongah Township Budget breakdown for third quarter 2075

Coffers are getting low - need to come up with bake sale or charity auction ideas
Special Council address by Daniel Hornwright, CEO Hornwright Industrial
Selling mining rights to Hornwright for cash plus royalties put up for vote - approved 5-0

Annual Monongah Baseball game vs. Charleston planning assigned to Councilman Fennick

Refreshments Served

Meeting Minutes 12.28.75



  • Monongah Township Budget breakdown for first quarter 2076

Main Street paving project put up for vote - approved 3-2
Budget for 2076 first quarter put up for vote - approved 5-0

Complaint by citizens regarding Dr. Eddie Harrison
Dr. Harrison's erratic and unfriendly behavior discussed
Nature of Dr. Harrison's work discussed
Draft letter to Dr. Harrison asking him to appear at Council meeting - approved 3-2

Refreshments Served

Meeting Minutes 04.08.76



  • Monongah Township Budget breakdown for third quarter 2076

Huge monetary surplus thanks to Hornwright's royalty payments for mining rights
Send Fruit Basket to Hornwright as a thank you put up for vote - approved 5-0
Budget for 2076 third quarter put up for vote - approved 5-0

Refreshments Served

Meeting Minutes 08.23.77



  • Emergency Meeting brought to order by Councilwoman Neeley

Monongah Township Vs. Daniel Hornwright
Hornwright is abandoning Monongah Mine due to "low yield" - all royalty payments stopped
Release recreational funds for economic relief put up for vote - approved 5-0
Cancel recreational activities until future notice put up for vote - approved 5-0
Discussion about future ideas for economic recovery, no solutions were raised

Meeting Minutes 09.20.77



  • Monongah Township Budget breakdown for fourth quarter 2077

Coffers empty - all public programs are suspended until further notice
Fundraising ideas put up for vote - lost 1-4
Draft legal letter to Daniel Hornwright regarding Monongah Mine put up for vote - approved 5-0
Draft letter requesting financial assistance from State Capital put up for vote - approved 5-0

Miner's Relief Support Services report by Councilwoman Womack

Dr. Eddie Harrison's Terminal


Dr. Eddie Harrison's Scientific Log

Welcome text

Welcome Dr. Harrison!



 What would you like to look at, Dr. Harrison?


Begin Vox Interpreter Data Collection Exercise




Important Reminder to self:
Before venturing out to collect data, remember to bring your syringer, and a sufficient supply of ammo.

1. Take the Vox Interpreter holotape, and load it into your recording device. The program should start automatically, and it will wait to receive signals from the darts.

2. Tag the animal you wish to interpret. I'll need to collect data from a number of creatures if I want to fully understand them. Maintain data collection for about 45 seconds for an optimal sample.

3. For these preliminary trials, it doesn't matter if the animal dies in the process, but try to keep it alive long enough to get sufficient data! Holotape should provide enough storage for roughly 3 encounters.

4. Return holotape to the lab terminal for processing. After data has finished processing, you may repeat the process.

The Vox Interpreter, A Brief Summary


They called me crazy. Said I spent too much time cooped up in my basement laboratory with my experiments. Now it has been three years since the war, they're all dead, and they've still had the last laugh! Do you have any idea how lonely it gets without anyone to talk to, even if all they ever seemed to say was "Gee Dr. Harrison, do you ever leave your basement?" Even those uncouth Raiders haven't come back since they picked over the town!

That's why I've decided to invent the Vox Interpreter for animals, the next evolution of a device I had begun constructing long ago to interpret the electrical nerve impulses and vocal babblings in human infants into artificial speech patterns their parents could understand. It likely worked, but I never found any willing test subjects.

This new and improved Vox Interpreter should translate what various animals are thinking and put it into words I can understand, through the power of science! Once I finish my work, I'll be able to converse with animals better than I could with any of the nitwits who lived in this miserable town! Let this document remain for posterity, so that in the event of my untimely demise, future generations will appreciate the true genius of Dr. Eddie Harrison.

Development Journal


Record your logs here, Eddie.



Hello Eddie! Let's talk, shall we?

Input Vox Interpreter Data


Data collection successful.

Please allow time to process, analyze, and store Vox Interpreter data before removing Holotape. Holotape Data will be cleared after processing for next use.

Please come back again later.