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Morgantown Airport terminal

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Morgantown Airport terminal
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Morgantown Airport is a location in Fallout 76.


Main article: Morgantown Airport

Points of interest

  • The terminal building was once the heart of Responder operations. Now it is a ruin. The central hall still contains a crashed Vertibird embedded in the roof. The building has two floors, with the upper containing the mess hall and other facilities.
  • In the western wing on the lower floor is the supply cache (locked behind a level 1 terminal), together with a tinkerer's workbench. The bathroom opposite has a chem box on the floor. Further out at the end is the trading post with a Responder Vendor bot.
  • The Responder command center is located in the east wing, upstairs, near the late Maria Chavez. There's also the Overseer's stash here with another holotape and an advanced training opportunity.

Notable loot

Potential magazine
  • On the low side table, north wall between the airport seating, opposite the kitchen and food stall.
Dynamic spawns

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Morgantown Airport appears in Fallout 76.