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Mutant transmissions

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Mutant transmissions
Value$ 125
QuestsFind the missing caravans.
Prototype ID00000196
Dialogue FileMUTDISK.MSG

Mutant transmissions is a holodisk found in Fallout.




Message sent: Base, this is Scavenger Team two come in. Over.

Message received: We're reading you loud an clear, go ahead. Over.

Message sent: We've collected four males, two females, and their supplies from the caravan. They're not too badly contaminated. Tell the Lieutenent that we're sending them ahead, they might be able to survive the process. We're going to wait here for a few more days to try and intercept another caravan. Over.

Message received: Roger that. Were any casulties accrued during the acquisition? Over.

Message sent: Negative. Another clean sweep. Base, also tell Scavenger Team one that we've run across the same problem they had. One of our scouts did not return from his perimeter patrol. A few of our other scouts reported that there was something big and fast seen near our camp last night. I'll be checking it out personally at 0600 hours tomorrow morning. Over.

Message received: Copy. We'll be awaiting your report. If possible, try to capture it. The Master would be very pleased. Over.