Mutated fern

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Mutated fern
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Used forObtaining mutated fern flowers to manufacture radiation drugs

Mutated ferns are a mutated variety of Polypodiopsida, vascular plants reproducing through spores and normally producing neither seeds nor flowers. Of limited importance before the Great War, ferns were used as decorative plants, medicine, food, and for cleaning up contaminated soils.[1] Mutations induced by the nuclear fallout changed ferns, which now are capable of blooming and producingflowers. These flowers are capable of consuming and neutralizing radiation, and can be processed into radiation chems such as Rad-X and RadAway.[2]

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  2. The Sole Survivor: "Looking for a job, if you got one."
    Solomon: "Yeah, I got something. Looking for a Mutated Fern if you find any. I hear some grows out near Forest Grove Marsh. Natural radiation sucker. Be great for cooking RadX or RadAway."
    (Solomon's dialogue)