NCR Military Police HQ terminals

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The NCR Military Police HQ terminals are Captain Marie Pappas' terminal entries at the NCR Military Police HQ in Fallout: New Vegas.

Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This desk terminal is located on the cornered desk, on the west wall, in the NCR Military Police HQ Office. It is locked Easy.

Strip Security Note[edit | edit source]


I've notice and increase in the amount of smuggling of restricted items into the Strip. I'm increasing security at the checkpoints to prevent more of this. A report has been sent to Ambassador Crocker via Liza to address this.

MP Shift Reports[edit | edit source]


Shift Reports from the MP's:

Two drunk troopers were causing a ruckus on the Strip. MP's got involved and were able to resolve the situation before Securitrons showed up.

MP's received a complaint of suspicious activity near the Lucky 38. The complainant reported seeing a man hugging several trees.

An intoxicated man was sleeping in the lobby of the Tops.

A woman reported a drunk man vomiting in the fountain in front of the Ultra-Luxe. MP's were unable to find the man once arriving at the scene.

MP's responded to a report of a young woman behind Las Vegas Station who locked herself in handcuffs.

MP's broke up a fight between twin brothers near the Gomorrah. The brothers stated they were fighting over one of the dancers at Gomorrah.

Trooper Behavior Report[edit | edit source]


Private Erwin has been causing trouble again. His pranks are starting to go a little too far. One more complaint and I'll put him behind bars.