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NCR emergency radio dialogue file

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NCR emergency radio dialogue file
Game Information
NPCDummy NPC used for NCR emergency radio (broadcast)
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue table

Dialogue file
Radio RadioGoodbye RadioGoodbye Signing off. vNCREmerge_RadioGoodbye_0014B3AB_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Uh... Am I broadcasting? I'm broadcasting? Shit, ok. This is the NCR Emergency channel. It sounds like the Hoover Dam is under attack. Stay tuned. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014B05A_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Rangers have managed to hold off a Legion attack at Camp Golf. Some casualties, but Camp Golf stands. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD02_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Rangers have barely managed to fend off a brutal attack at Camp Golf. The numbers had not yet been reinforced to replace the missing troops. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD03_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Camp Golf has fallen{Loud, stunned}! Apparently a small group of troopers broke rank and fled their posts once the battle began. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD04_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello {Amazed}A group of troopers, that can only be described as rag-tag, managed to fend off a brutal attack at Camp Golf. I salute your bravery. Hold the front. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD05_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Troopers have managed to contain several small riots that were breaking out in the area surrounding New Vegas. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD06_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello There is chaos breaking out at McCarran. The Fiends are using the opportunity to attack the base. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD07_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello There are also several riots breaking out in the area surrounding New Vegas. The looters have taken to the streets. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD08_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello There is a confirmed report that the Legion mounted a simultaneous assault at Camp Forlorn Hope. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD09_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Yes{long pause} Forlorn Hope has fallen. Some troops managed to fall back, but the fortification is lost. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD0A_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Forlorn Hope has sustained heavy casualties, but the fortification stands. We have successfully defended Forlorn Hope. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD0B_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello I'm{long pause} not getting any more information from Forlorn Hope. The Camp appears to have been totally overrun. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD0C_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello I'm receiving reports that Forlorn Hope has been totally overrun, and the Legion is killing civilians as far as the township called Novac. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD0D_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello The troops at Forlorn Hope, assisted by First Recon, have repelled the Legion attack with very few casualties. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD0E_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello The troops at Forlorn Hope, assisted by First Recon, have repelled the Legion in what will surely be the most decisive victory in this entire battle. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD0F_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello What the fuck is happening on the Strip? I'm getting reports that someone just bombed the embassy. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD10_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello It sounds like the Omertas are mounting some sort of attack on the Strip. They are receiving heavy casualties from the Securitrons and other casinos. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD11_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello The attack is coming from the Omertas. They are using some kind of gas to kill everyone in the casinos on the strip. How is this possible? vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD12_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello The monorail at Camp McCarran just exploded. I'm not getting any reports of any fighting, but the monorail is gone for sure. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD13_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello We aren't going to be able to reinforce the Strip against the Omerta assault there. How the fuck did this happen? Jesus. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD14_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello There is some sort of obstruction on the road to Hoover Dam. We're going to do our best to send reinforcements around. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD15_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Deploying battalion 14 to the southwestern flank. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD16_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Unit 15 reinforce unit 16 at defense point sigma delta. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD17_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Delta squad, redeploy. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD18_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello All units, be aware we are receiving help from a non-NCR military asset. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD19_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Snipers in position. Repeat. Snipers in position.{This is neutral and should be interpreted either a a confirmation or a demand} vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD1A_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Unit 4 reinforce unit 8. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD1B_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Unit 23 await reinforcement from unit 42. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD1C_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello Location Bravo Bravo Charlie, the doctor is coming. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD1D_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello All unit commands, relay your current position and status. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_0014CD1E_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello They're coming out of the walls man! They're coming outta the damn walls. vNCREmerge_RadioHello_001572C9_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello {Panic}Game Over Man! GAME OVER! vNCREmerge_RadioHello_001572CA_1