National Catastrophe Relief Auxiliary

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Mentioned-only faction
National Catastrophe Relief Auxiliary
Unit MD-478
Presiding Officer Nancy Kroydon
Relations and associations
Child EntitiesNational Catastrophe Relief Auxiliary Response Unit MD-478

National Catastrophe Relief Auxiliary was a government bureau tasked with emergency management in disaster situations, such as the nuclear holocaust.


The agency maintained numerous field units, intended to cooperate with the National Guard during emergencies. When disaster scenarios were deemed likely, NCRA units were mobilized and deployed throughout the nation. The most highly trained units were dedicated to critical areas, such as Washington, D.C., to assist and evacuate the civilian population, with those that scored lower in drills being assigned to rural areas. In Maryland, the MD-478 units under Nancy Kroydon was one of the more notable units.[1]

Beyond discrete units, the agency also operated automated emergency resupply systems. These systems could be accessed with dedicated US Government supply requisition holotapes, to request government air drops.[2]