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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see…Sheb.}

{150}{}{You see a scrawny man in bright blue clothes. As if his clothes weren't loud enough, he is also bellowing at the top of his lungs.}

{200}{}{Booty, booty, boo-tay!}
{201}{}{Come on in, booty lovers!}
{202}{}{Here at the Cat's Paw we're slashing prices in half!}
{203}{}{Give us an offer on our prime selection of booty! It's a booty blowout!}
{204}{}{We got white booty, black booty, southern booty, northern booty...}
{205}{}{We got hot booty, cold booty, we got fresh booty, we got…::snfff::…*smelly* booty…}
{206}{}{We got tribal booty, we got mutant booty, radscorpion booty, robot booty.}
{207}{}{We even got brahmin booty, ghoul booty, deathclaw booty.}
{208}{}{Come on, you want booty? Come on in, booty lovers!}
{209}{}{If we don't got it, you don't want it! Come on in, booty lovers!}
{210}{}{Attention booty shoppers! Take advantage of this booty sale!}
{211}{}{Buy one piece of booty at the regular price, n' you'll get another piece of booty of equal or lesser value for only a chip!}
{212}{}{Try and beat booty for a chip!}
{213}{}{If you can find cheaper booty anywhere…PUMP IT!}