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New California Republic House of Congress

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The New California Republic House of Congress, also known as the New California Republic Senate, shortened to Congress and the Senate, is the federal legislature of the New California Republic. It is headquartered in the Hall of Congress in Shady Sands, Shady. Its members are popularly-elected on a state-by-state basis.[1] Unlike the federal legislature of the United States of America, it is unicameral and elects the executive branch of government, which serves with its advice and at its pleasure.[2][3] The members are sometimes referred to as Congressmen, but other names have been used, including "Councilor", "Counselor", "Councilman", "Representative", and "Senator". In particular, the Hub prefers to call its representatives "Governors". Disputes over the names spark insults and debates in Congress, although all the names are accepted outside it.[1] It appears that the territories of the Republic are not permitted to send representatives.[2]


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