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Nipton house
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4 of the 8 Nipton houses
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Part ofNipton
Cell NameNiptonHouse1, NiptonHouse2
NiptonHouse3, NiptonHouse4
NiptonHouse5, NiptonHouse6
NiptonHouse7Tinker, NiptonHouse8Paranoid
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The Nipton houses are locations in Nipton, in Fallout: New Vegas. All of the intact buildings in Nipton can be entered and explored.

Background[edit | edit source]

These houses, made out of wood, brick or stucco, once served the people of Nipton, ranging from the regular to the downright strange and paranoid. The Legion dragged most of the people out to participate in the Lottery and killed those who resisted, leaving their belongings ripe for the picking.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The houses are spread out across the town and there are eight of them in total. There are eight of them:

    • Two on the southern side of Nipton Road passing through the town and one on the northern side, on the corner opposite the general store.
    • Another pair is just south of the hall, on the opposite sides of the road.
    • Yet another two are to the northeast of Nipton.
    • And one just by the western entrance to the town.

Nipton house 2 (brahmin skull on mailbox) and house 7 (reloading bench) have non-respawningcontainers and can be used as player housing.

Opposite the Nipton general store[edit | edit source]

A small house with three rooms. Compared to the others it's in (relatively) pristine condition. There's a star bottle cap on the bookcase here, along with a Milsurp Review in the mailbox.

By the Good Luck trailer park[edit | edit source]

A house with a nearly identical layout to the previous one, containing minor loot, a broken ham radio, and enough beds for four people.

Harry Collins' home[edit | edit source]

Or the house of the paranoid Niptonian. The house is rigged with frag mines and shotguns, along with a cage full of bark scorpions in the living room. The tool cabinet in the kitchen contains the Declaration of Vital Essence.

Behind the general store[edit | edit source]

Another generic home. The inhabitants seem to have been pulled away from a meal consisting of fresh Mojave produce.

Southeast of the town hall[edit | edit source]

A long home with empty footlockers and cabinets.

Tinker's home[edit | edit source]

The house of the local robotic prodigy, contains a workbench, a hostile Mister Gutsy prototype, and several weapons including a .357 Magnum revolver, a plasma pistol, and a 9mm SMG. The weapons are on the bench, under it, and behind a few cinder blocks in the main room.

Opposite Tinker's home[edit | edit source]

Another generic home, notable only for the reloading bench in the entrance corridor.

By the western entrance[edit | edit source]

Near the conflagration, just by the entrance to Nipton. The house is largely nondescript, with the usual bunk beds, furnished kitchen, and eating room.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

  • Magazines spawn in each of the mailboxes.
In house in front of general store
Harry Collins' home

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Nipton house appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.