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Noel Chandrich

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Mentioned-only character
Noel Chandrich
Biography and appearance
AffiliationMass Fusion
RoleResearch Lead
Dialogue FileNoel Chandrich's dialogue
Mentioned inFallout 4

Noel Chandrich was the research lead on the beryllium agitator project at Mass Fusion.

Background[edit | edit source]

One small problem with Oslow's Cleanpower Initiative was that it was power, but it wasn't clean. The junction boxes and plutonium wells were all fundamentally fission-based, provided with lead shielding to protect the users from irradiation. Unfortunately, imperfect shielding was all too common and radiation poisoning was a real risk among consumers. The company, of course, vehemently denied these accusations.[1] It wasn't until 2066 and the unveiling of the first power armor fusion cell[2] that the company truly started providing fusion power, but even then, legacy infrastructure was too commonplace to be cheaply replaced. Mass Fusion continued to operate containment facilities[3] and dumping grounds in rural Massachusetts, hiding the radioactive waste from prying eyes.[4]

In the meantime, Oslow worked with Noel Chandrich to create a true fusion reactor. What originally started as a civilian project quickly turned to military applications as jingoism awoke in Oslow. He clashed with Chandrich over his contacts with the military and the intention to hand the beryllium agitator over to them for use in weapons of war. Most importantly, Oslow forced the project to accelerate, ignoring problems with shielding. As Oslow fumed, Kathy Hathaway discovered a breakthrough in June: Graphene could help resolve the shielding issues.[5] Her composite alloy allowed Chandrich to get the agitator online[6] and on July 29, the switch was thrown.[7]

Chandrich advised Oslow to reconsider deepening his ties with the military, but the CEO's mind was made up.[8] After verifying that the reactor does, indeed, work as advertised, Oslow fired Chandrich at the beginning September.[9]

To cripple his career, Oslow ensured a binding non-compete agreement was signed and froze his pension and contracts to boot. Truly, he became what he most despised: A jingoist capitalist. Just like Poseidon.[10]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Noel Chandrich is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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  5. Mass Fusion building terminals; Product Development Terminal, Research Intramail 06-20-77: "To: K. Hathaway, Materials Division
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    Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that your work on the Agitator has been invaluable. The shielding has always been a problem, but the use of graphene in the alloy was a stroke of genius. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be recommending you for a promotion this year. Good work."
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    Kathy, would it be possible to get a full sheet of your composite alloy within the next week? Karl's pressuring me to get the Beryllium Agitator online by the end of the month or "heads are going to roll." If you run into any problems, let me know."
  7. Mass Fusion building terminals; Product Development Terminal, Research Intramail 07-29-77: "To: K. Hathaway, Materials Division
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    You're a miracle worker, Kathy! The graphene composite shielding was the last component holding us back from getting the Agitator online, and you got it done in less than a week. I don't know how I could have done this without you! Another job well done. Keep this up and you'll be a development lead in no time."
  8. Mass Fusion building terminals; Executive Research Lab Terminal, Personal IntraMail 07-30-77: "To: K. Oslow
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    As per your instructions, the Beryllium Agitator has been installed in our primary reactor on sub-level 01. I've also increased security on all of the keyreaders in the building, so you'll need your executive keycard handy if you want to use any of the elevators.
    I'd like to go on official record that I am opposed to accelerating the project's schedule. I find it disturbing that current events (e.g. global unrest) hasn't had an effect on your decision. While I realize your recent contact with the U.S. Military may be making it difficult to follow a rational course of action, I strongly urge you to reconsider.
    I thought this is exactly why you left Poseidon, Karl."
  9. Mass Fusion building terminals; Executive Research Lab Terminal, Personal IntraMail 08-29-77: "To: K. Oslow
    From: N. Chandrich, Research Lead
    I've been monitoring the reactor for weeks now, and the Beryllium Agitator is running at peak efficiency. In fact, I've only detected an EM spectrum decay of less than a thousandth of a percent. If you were hoping for a stable plasma reaction, it looks like you've found it. Congratulations. Perhaps you and the military should open a bottle of champagne together."
  10. Mass Fusion building terminals; Executive Research Lab Terminal, Personal IntraMail 09-05-77: "To: K. Oslow
    From: T. Reisenbaur, HR Coordinator
    As of this morning, Dr. Noel Chandrich was escorted from the building, and his contract with Mass Fusion has been terminated. His terminal's memory has been wiped, and all of his research transferred to our mainframe. Dr. Chandrich has been made aware that any attempt to seek employment at a rival nuclear power company will result in a lawsuit. As per his contract, his pension and benefits are now frozen. If there's anything else you need from HR, please let me know."