Nuclear Physicist

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Nuclear Physicist
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Fallout 4
RequirementsIntelligence 9
Level 1, 14, and 26
EffectsRadiation weapons do more damage, and fusion cores last longer.
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With the Nuclear Physicist perk, radiation weapons inflict more damage and Fusion Cores last longer. You may even gain the ability to eject a Fusion Core from your Power Armor, causing a deadly explosion.

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Nuclear Physicist is a perk in Fallout 4.

Effects[edit | edit source]

With the first rank of this perk, radiation weapons deal 50% more damage, and fusion cores last 25% longer. The second rank raises the bonus damage for radiation weapons to 100%, and fusion cores last 50% longer. The third rank allows fusion cores to be ejected like devastating grenades and they last twice as long. To use the Fusion Core grenade effect (which, by the way, explodes like a Mini Nuke,) equip a non-melee weapon and hold the Grenade button. The fusion core will drop out of the back of your Power Armor suit, and start a grenade countdown. The extra fusion core duration effect applies to Gatling Lasers, except when you put in the buffed core, the ammo counter will still read as 500/ amount of fusion cores. However, when the player reloads the Gatling Laser, the fusion core just put into the inventory will read a flat 50%.

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