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This page is a list of loading screen hints and screens found in Nuclear Winter. The game will also cycle through any photos in the game's inventory.

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Loading screens[edit | edit source]

Master list[edit | edit source]

Creation Kit ID Hint
Babylon_Loadscreen_01 To guarantee a fair fight, Nuclear Winter strips you of everything but your cosmetics. Your belongings are returned at the end of a match.
Babylon_Loadscreen_02 In Nuclear Winter you take less damage from falling from heights and can fall from higher distances.
Babylon_Loadscreen_03 Your SPECIAL provides no bonuses in Nuclear Winter, and only affects how many Nuclear Winter Perk Cards of a certain stat you can equip.
Babylon_Loadscreen_04 Caps and XP earned in Nuclear Winter are awarded at the end of a match based on your performance!
Babylon_Loadscreen_05 Stimpaks in Nuclear Winter stop healing when you take damage. Find a safe place before using them!
Babylon_Loadscreen_06 You can earn Perk Cards for use in Nuclear Winter by playing matches!
Babylon_Loadscreen_07 Hunger and Thirst aren't a factor in Nuclear Winter. Focus on surviving the fight!
Babylon_Loadscreen_08 We've suppressed your diseases and the ability to contract diseases for the time being. Fight your enemies, not viruses!
Babylon_Loadscreen_09 You can only equip seven total Perk Cards in Nuclear Winter.
Babylon_Loadscreen_10 Nuclear Winter uses its own exclusive Perk Cards, including many you cannot find anywhere else!
Babylon_Loadscreen_11 Spending time in the storm can be a new and exciting experience that is also extremely detrimental to your health!
Babylon_Loadscreen_12 There's no time for addiction! While in Nuclear Winter, take all the chems you need without the fear for any nasty repercussions.
Babylon_Loadscreen_13 Use your C.A.M.P. Kits freely since you can't take them with you. They don't grow on trees, but they might be made of them!
Babylon_Loadscreen_14 We've suppressed whatever mutations you might have come in with, but that won't stop you from temporarily contracting new ones!
Babylon_Loadscreen_15 Don't worry about finding bobby pins. A Nuclear Winter Picklock Perk is all you need!
Babylon_Loadscreen_16 Hacking a Nuclear Winter terminal can unlock some great loot and even display the position of enemies on your map!
Babylon_Loadscreen_17 You can revive teammates without using a Stimpak in Nuclear Winter, but it takes longer than usual.
Babylon_Loadscreen_18 The crossbow can hold up to 3 bolts at once!
Babylon_Loadscreen_19 ZAX has replaced items in most containers with more useful items. Search every nook and cranny!