Nuka-Cola fridge

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Nuka-Cola fridge
Used forStorage container
Base ID0002d06c (antique)
000615b2 (wasteland)

Nuka-Cola fridges are pre-War containers used to refrigerate Nuka-Cola.

A fully operational, antique variety can be found in Sierra Petrovita's home in Girdershade. Although containing ice cold Nuka-Colas, they cannot convert them from ordinary Nuka-Colas like the pristine Nuka-Cola machine that the Lone Wanderer can buy for their home.


Fallout: New Vegas

  • There is one in Vault 22 level 4.
  • There is one in black mountain in the broadcast building first floor.
  • One in the Nipton shop behind Boxcars.
  • There is one inside the building across where the Cursor Lucullus spawns, the door is Hard lock