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Nuka-Cola truck

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For the Fallout encounter, see Nuka-Cola Truck (encounter).
Nuka-Cola truck
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UsesRock-It Launcher ammunition Fallout 3Gametitle-FO3.png
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The Nuka-Cola truck is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.


The Nuka-Cola truck is a red diecast metal toy delivery truck labeled with the corporate logo of Nuka-Cola on the right side. Nuka-Cola trucks are found in the Capital Wasteland and Vault-Tec Vaults. A number of trucks can also be found in the Mojave Wasteland, inside Miguel's Pawn Shop, at The Fort, and two inside a locker at the lab within Vault 11. It also appears that they have a random chance of appearing in letterboxes outside of houses particularly in the freeside area surrounding new vegas

Some see it as a potential ammunition resource when used in conjunction with the Rock-It Launcher. If you choose to use it as Rock-It-Launcher-ammunition, it's relatively easy to recover and reuse it due to the red color.


Map Location Description
Arlington Library 3 trucks in the Children's Wing.
Chryslus building 1 in the Basement.
Chryslus building 1 in the Lower Offices.
County Sewer Mainline 2 in Gallo the ghoul's hideout.
Friendship Heights 2 in the subway station.
Georgetown 1 in the Grocer.
Georgetown 1 in the Townhome.
Girdershade 1 in Sierra Petrovita's house.
Jury Street Metro Station 1 in the Gold Ribbon Grocers.
Lucky's 1 in Lucky's Grocery.
Northwest Seneca Station 1 in the Grocer.
Roosevelt Academy 1 in a desk on 1st floor.
Tenpenny Tower 1 in Willy's Grocer.
Vault 101 1 in Lone Wanderer's Apartment. ("Baby Steps")
Minefield 1 in a house on a shelf in a child's room.
Sewer Waystation 2 small ones in Gallo's place near his bed.
Springvale In mailbox closer to Vault 101
Meresti station 1 in a box on the large platform.
Old Olney Underground on the floor in the ruined hospital.

Nuka-Cola trucks can also be bought from several vendors.


  • There are two miniature versions of the Nuka-Cola truck on a shelf in Gallo's room, which is inside the County Sewer Mainline. The trucks can both be picked up without reverting them to their normal size, but they may only be dropped once, otherwise they will revert to their normal, larger size.