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Nuka-Cola vending machine (Fallout 3)

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For the lore article covering these machines, see Nuka-Cola vending machine.
Nuka-Cola vending machine
Fo3 Pristine Nuka Cola Machine.png
Used forObtaining not-so-fresh Nuka-Cola bottles

Nuka-Cola vending machine is a world object in Fallout 3.


The Nuka-Cola Corporation aggressively marketed their flagship product ever since its introduction in 2044. Low-maintenance vending machines were a crucial part of the strategy, and the corporation's generous investment eventually led to a vending machine on almost every street in the United States by 2067, available in a broad variety of types.[1][2]

A large, imposing machine with a built-in monochrome monitor at the top for playing advertisements. The machine has been modified from the previous model to allow new bottles to slide into the trays, rather than being deposited mechanically and risking injury. As with the previous model, it's coin-operated with coin-changing functionality.[3]


These new model vending machines are special respawning containers that contain Nuka-Cola, bottle caps, or Nuka-Cola Quantum. The contents are randomized the first time a player enters a cell containing the vending machine, at which point the wave form collapses and the vending machine's contents are defined for the rest of the game using that character. Saving before entering new areas allows for re-rolling the contents of the vending machine to generate the desired contents. The chances are as follows:

  • 100% chance for one (1) regular Nuka-Cola.
  • 75% chance for a second regular Nuka-Cola.
  • 10% chance for a random amount of bottle caps (single digits; roughly 11% of the time it will spawn 9 caps).
  • 10% chance for a single Nuka-Cola Quantum.

As such, there's roughly 0.0625% chance for a vending machine with all of these contents to spawn and a one in ten chance for a Quantum.

Players can also purchase a pristine Nuka-Cola machine for their Megaton or Tenpenny Tower housing.


There are 152 of them in the base game.

Map Marker Map Cell Quantity Notes
Alexandria Arms 2 Up the main stairs, through the double doors to a large room. They are across the room from each other.
Anacostia Crossing Metro Station 1 On the south wall, just after entering from the Rivet City entrance.
1 On the north wall of the upper level, behind the raider barricades.
1 On the east wall of the lower level, in the southeast corner.
1 On the north wall, just before leaving the Seward Square exit.
Arlington National Cemetery 1 Exit Arlington/Wasteland metro and proceed south past the train cars, turn west and cross over to the other platform.
1 Outside the entrance to Falls Church station
Arlington Library Children's Wing 2
Lobby 2
Media Archive 4
Wasteland 1 Directly west of the fast travel spawn point, south southwest of the Alexandria Arms inside a building full of traps, guarded by mines and a single raider. Over a trip wire, through the entrance against the southwest wall, in the corner.
Bethesda ruins Bethesda underworks 1
Chaste Acres dairy farm 2 Head almost due west from the spawn point about 1/3 of the way to Old Olney, there is a Red Rocket with a truck on the road. They are at the very back of the truck.
Chryslus building Reception Area 3
Dupont Circle station 1 Next to the collapsed entrance where the two supermutants patrol. Near the Dupont Circle exit.
Fairfax ruins Fairfax metro station 1 Directly after entering, slightly southeast of the spawn point.
Flooded metro 1 Enter through the Flooded metro map marker near the Arlington Library, (Mason District South is the very long way around), and turn south, it's directly next to the entrance/exit.
Flooded metro
Arlington/Wasteland metro
1 West down the ramp, turn south, machine is against the wall (there is a broken machine directly across from it)
Fort Independence 1

At the bottom of the staircase just prior to entering the lower level.

Friendship Heights Tenleytown/Friendship station 1 Head down the western side of the southbound tracks to Tenleytown and turn south into the second service tunnel, machine is on the eastern wall.
1 From the first machine, continue heading south, then west along the tracks. Climb the escalator and turn east, then north and the machine is on the western wall, a few strides from the exit to Chevy Chase North.
Georgetown east Penn. Ave/Georgetown metro 1 Inside the Penn. Ave entrance, all the way across the platform from the Georgetown east entrance.
Georgetown north Georgetown 2 North of the spawn point and the entrance to the metro.
Hubris Comics Publishing 1 In the far south east corner of the level, near the entrance to "Beta Testing".
Jocko's Pop Stop 1 Outside the building.
L'Enfant 4 1 behind metro for L'Enfant South, 2 along the main strip leading to Vertibird landing and 1 behind entrance to Hazmat Disposal Site L5
L.O.B. Enterprises 3
Mama Dolce's Food Distribution 2 Climb the staircase to the third floor. Head east through the doorway, between two filing cabinets in the corner.
From the top of the staircase head west down the corridor, past the room with the hole in the floor till the corridor turns north. Just prior to the door to the loading yard is a nook on the west side with the machine in it.
Marigold station 2 Bottom of the ramp at the entrance.
In the service space between the westbound tracks.
MDPL-13 power station Derelict power plant 1
Metro Central 1 At the exit to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Museum of History Museum station 1 Around the corner from the Museum of History entrance, it's a long walk from The Mall entrance labeled in game as "Anacostia Crossing" (there's no map marker).
Museum of Technology 1 Near the Delta rocket.
Nuka-Cola plant Factory Floor 1
Capital Wasteland 1 Head north from the spawn point, past the building then turn west.
National Guard depot 3
Our Lady of Hope Hospital 3
Paradise Falls 1 In the food court.
Slaver barracks 1
Red Racer factory Factory floor 4
Rivet City Marketplace 1 In the far corner from the outside entrance.
Midship Deck 1 In the Capital Preservation Society.
RobCo factory Offices & cafeteria 2
Robot repair center 1 Head west northwest from the entrance, through the door and turn south.
Rockbreaker's Last Gas 2 Inside the fence, next to the Red Rocket.
Roosevelt Academy Academy Building 1 Use north entrance, 1st floor, follow hall east to alcove.
Arts and athletics hall 3
Seward Square 3 From Anacostia Crossing proceed northwest on Penn. Ave, at the Cornucopia Fresh Groceries, turn north onto 7th street. After traveling most of the block, on the western wall of the buildings is an alley marked "Reilly's Rangers". Proceed east, turn north and turn east into the compound. The machines are on the 4th floor and require a significant amount of effort to access. See the Ranger compound page for more information.
2 Back to the Cornucopia Fresh Groceries, head northwest on Penn. Ave till reaching the overpass. Past the truck, in front of the Broadway Cinema on the northern wall (facing south).
1 From the eastern vending machine in front of the Broadway Cinema turn to the north-northeast, go under the overpass to the western wall of the shops/houses (facing east).
Smith Casey's garage 1
Springvale 1 Under the Red Rocket east of the spawn point.
Vernon East/Takoma Park 3
Vernon Square 3


  1. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "Amateur chemist John-Caleb Bradberton discovered the formula for Nuka-Cola in 2044. Within a year, Nuka-Cola could be purchased across the entire United States."
  2. Sierra Petrovita: "When Nuka-Cola was invented by John-Caleb Bradberton in 2044, it quickly became the world's most popular soft drink. The wonder drink soon drew a dedicated following which prompted the Nuka-Cola Corporation to release many promotional items like these. By 2067, a Nuka-Cola machine such as this rare pristine model could be found on almost every street in America. Even in today's crazy world, Nuka-Cola is still the number one choice of refreshment among Armageddon's survivors."
    (Sierra Petrovita's dialogue)
  3. See [http://www.vintagevending.com/coca-cola-vendo-81d-soda-machine this article on how a similar Vendo 81D machine operated.