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Nuka-World access tunnels

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Nuka-World access tunnels
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Map MarkerNone (Nearest: Nuka-Station)
QuestsTaken for a Ride
Cell NameDLC04Gauntlet01
ref idxx00b46a
TerminalsTurret Control Terminal
Utility Substation Terminal

The Nuka-World access tunnels is an unmarked location in Nuka-World.


Part of "the Gauntlet" these tunnels were once part of a larger series of tunnels that ran underneath Nuka-World. Starting from beneath Nuka-Station, it stretches through the remains of maintenance areas through a highway tunnel, then back out at the Cola-Cars Arena.


After coming from Nuka-Station, the gauntlet continues in the access tunnels below it. In sequence, there is a:

  1. Transitional room with a cooking station and sleeping bag in the corner.
  2. Throne room, where ten deadly turrets rest on the shelves. Use the corridor for cover or use a Stealth Boy again to bypass turrets. Open the Expert-locked door with the storage room key behind the throne.
  3. Generator room, which consists of a small maze. Pass through, watching for traps and the rad rats.
  4. Corridor, housing another turret. Pick the Advanced-locked door for an explosives cache, or continue to the metro tunnel.
  5. Access tunnel which is laced with plenty of mines. Any explosion will likely cause the cars to go unstable and explode.
  6. Mirelurk nest. Jump down from the planks to face the mirelurks, or bypass them through the Expert-locked door at the end of the planks.
  7. Corridor fulled with grenade bouquets and gasoline. Be sure to disarm the tension trap on the door before opening it.
  8. Gas room. Ignore the valves. Grab the utility station password from the desk in the enclosure to the right of the entrance, then the utility station key from the destroyed door in the enclosure near the exit. Enter the locked one next to the valve near the entrance and use the terminal to open the door. The exit of the Gauntlet is through the doors, into the Nuka-World maintenance shed.

Notable loot

  • There is a fusion core in the generator of the underground tunnels (near the rad-rats).


The Nuka-World access tunnels appear only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.