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Nukalurk meat (Fallout 3)

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Nukalurk meat
FO3 mirelurk meat.png
Icon crab cake.png
+10 max Action points for 4 minutes
+20 Hit Points
+5 Radiation
Base ID00095f48

Nukalurk meat is a consumable in Fallout 3.


The meat comes from the Nukalurks that make their home under the Nuka-Cola plant in the southern Capital Wasteland. They glow the same blue as the Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles, likely not a coincidence. However, the meat itself looks no different from normal mirelurk meat.

Nukalurk meat is a very good healing item, it provides a good deal of health restoration, but also gives an moderately large dose of radiation. It additionally increases the users maximum action points, provided from the Nuka-Cola Quantum infused in the meat.



Can be found on the dead corpses of the ten Nukalurks in the Nuka-Cola plant.


  • It is only possible to acquire a maximum of ten instances Nukalurk meat, since it is only found on the ten Nukalurks in the factory and they do not respawn. Nukalurks drop the meat randomly, meaning that they may have an empty inventory instead of the meat, further reducing the total possible amount obtainable.
  • Strangely, the Pip-Boy icon for this is the same as mirelurk cakes.