Nursery Power Plant

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Nursery Power Plant
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Part ofThe Control Facility
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Gametitle-VB.pngThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Power Plant is a location in the Nursery in 2253.


This cavern serves two purposes. First, it is the final stage of the natural purification process of river water. The water cascades down several waterfalls until it comes to rest in a reservoir. From there it is pumped up to the lake above. Second, a part of the river water is diverted to the geothermal power plant. Here the water is converted to steam to power a trio of turbines.

Upon investigating this area the player will discover three faults. First, the pipe that carries river water to the heat exchanger in the power plant has broken. The water now flows freely into the thermal vent and is converted to steam. Second, the floor of the reservoir appears to have cracked. A whirlpool has formed and is slowly draining away the water. It will be necessary to repair both faults to bring the power plant online. Finally, the reservoir has been infested with hag-snakes like the lake above. These creatures wander freely down here and attack anything on sight.

Repairing the power plant will not be an easy task for the player. First, a way must be found to repair the pipe that delivers water to the heat exchanger. There are a few ways that this could be done:

  1. Combat boy: Find pipe. If owner of pipe disagree with it being taken, then beat the crap out of them. There will be areas where this is possible. The Spillway for example could have a pipe but it is currently in use. Taking it would piss off the security bots.
  2. Diplomacy boy: Am appropriate piece of pipe could be found at the Jericho water plant. Perhaps the foreman could be talked into relinquishing it.
  3. Science boy: Draw up a set of plans for the new part and have it made somewhere. Of course, the power to the repository could be diverted to the factory just long enough for a replacement to be made...
  4. Stealth boy: Steal the plans for a similar part and have it made somewhere. Or do the power diversion routine above.

In any case, once the part is found/made then it will need to be installed. This can be done by using one of the scurry-bots from the spillway. The robots are made to crawl around on unstable sections of grating in the hole and carry away debris. This would be a simple matter for one of them to complete. Some thoughts on how to do this:

  1. Combat boy: Beat the crap out of everything except one of the scurry bots. Then take the damn bot where it is needed.
  2. Diplomacy boy: Talk nicely to the robot warden until he agrees to loan the player one of the robots.
  3. Science boy: Program one of the bots to follow him to the power plant and perform the task.
  4. Stealth boy: Sneak into the maintenance room of the spillway and abscond with one of the bots there.

The second task involved in this area is the repairing of the reservoir floor. Unless this is done quickly the water in the closed system will drain away and everything will shut down again. In order to accomplish this, the player will need to have the water pumps in the spillway shut down. Once the water in the reservoir is empty a patch can be made to seal the crack.

The first task will be to shut down the water pumps. Some ways this can be done are:

  1. Combat boy: Damage the pumps in some way. The repair bots will try to repair them but not if he beats the crap out of them.
  2. Diplomacy boy: Talk nicely to the robot warden again. He must be your buddy by now.
  3. Science boy: Program the computer to show a fault in the system. It will then shut down until the fault is cleared.
  4. Stealth boy: Sneak into the pump room and disable them.

The second task is to patch the hole. Some ways this can be done are:

  1. Combat boy: Blow up some of the cavern wall and have the debris plug the hole.
  2. Diplomacy boy: Talk one of the bots into giving up its life by having it plug the hole with its body.
  3. Science boy: Devise a patch. Perhaps disassembling the round plate in the distribution center (the rotating tracks use it) and having a robot put it in place.
  4. Stealth boy: Mine the crack in such a way that it will seal itself when the explosives go off.

The hag-snake infestation will give this area the needed combat opportunities to round it out. These creatures have formed a nest near the steam outlet in the condensation area of the cavern. They really like that humid sultry heat for their eggs (since they lack 'hosts'). The player will need to find their nest and destroy it.

Note: The replacement for the damaged pipe can be made at the Blackfoot town foundry.


The Power Plant was to appear in Black Isle's cancelled Fallout 3.