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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a large deathclaw. The creature is composed of rippling muscle, sharp teeth, and claws.}
{101}{}{You see Gruthar, leader of the deathclaws.}
{102}{}{You see the most impressive deathclaw you could imagine. The creature must be unique among its kind.}
{103}{}{Do not fear me, human. I do not intend to harm you. I am Gruthar, leader of this deathclaw pack. Why have you come here?}
{104}{}{Why have you come here?}
{106}{}{To kick your ass!}
{107}{}{How is it possible that a deathclaw can talk... and so well?}
{108}{}{I want to know what happened to the people who once lived here.}
{109}{}{I'm looking for something called a GECK. I was told I could find one here.}
{110}{}{I've been asked to eliminate a den of dangerous deathclaws...}
{111}{}{I'm investigating raids on the local brahmin ranches. Do you know anything about this?}
{112}{}{I think I'll be leaving now.}
{113}{}{You are no idiot, human. I can see the truth of this in your eyes. Please do not try to deceive me. I have no patience for such games.}
{114}{}{Very well. If you wish to be thought of as an idiot, then so be it. Return to me if you change your mind.}
{115}{}{My apologies. You seem to be intellectually challenged. You are no threat to me or the pack. You are welcome here, and may consider this place a safe haven from the outside world. Harm no one, stay out of trouble, and you will always be welcome here.}
{116}{}{Forgive me. I do not mean to be rude, but I do not see that this is relevant to our conversation. I can speak your tongue, I can read your written word. What more needs be said?}
{117}{}{I see.}
{118}{}{I don't mean to pry, but surely you can understand my interest in this matter.}
{119}{}{Yeah, well, how about letting me decide what is or is not relevant?}
{120}{}{Yes, I certainly can. Very well. If we part as friends, human, you should speak with Goris. He has more understanding in this matter than I. He can usually be found in the vault library.}
{121}{}{Thank you. I look forward to meeting Goris.}
{122}{}{I have no intention of adding a deathclaw to my list of friends. Bye!}
{123}{}{All right.}
{124}{}{They are gone, human. We did not kill them and take their home. It is not our way to kill. I understand that you may not believe me, but I hope that you will judge me by my actions toward you and not out of fear or prejudice.}
{125}{}{Hey, maybe you figure I can kick your ass?}
{126}{}{You seem to be an honorable being, Gruthar.}
{127}{}{Yeah, I suppose.}
{128}{}{A geck. Is that not a small lizard... no, wait... that is a gecko. I am sorry, but I do not know what a geck is, nor where it can be found.}
{129}{}{Yes, I believe you mentioned this once before. I do not know what a geck is, nor where it can be found.}
{130}{}{Will you let me in to look for it?}
{131}{}{Hey, that small lizard comment was really funny. That a relative of yours?}
{132}{}{It's obvious that talking to you is a waste of time. Good-bye.}
{133}{}{To be honest with you, I'm not exactly sure what it is myself. Would it be all right with you if I looked for it?}
{134}{}{I am sorry, but I do not allow just anyone to wander these halls. I am responsible for the safety of all who live here and I must exercise caution. However, I will look for this geck, and if I find it, I will let you know.}
{135}{}{I am sorry, but I do not allow just anyone to wander these halls. I am responsible for the safety of all who live here and I must exercise caution.}
{136}{}{Look. It's not like you own the place. Maybe I'll look around whether you like it or not!}
{137}{}{I understand, Gruthar, and I'll respect your wish for privacy.}
{138}{}{I can understand your concern. You don't know me well enough to trust me. What if I could help you out somehow, and in return you allow me to look around?}
{139}{}{(Gruthar stares at you intently for a moment.) You would be interested in helping us? Yes, I sense little evil in you. Very well, I shall place my trust in you.}
{140}{}{(Gruthar stares at you intently for a moment.) I think not. I can sense the evil in you, human. I can not risk the lives of those I protect by taking a chance with you.}
{141}{}{Thank you.}
{142}{}{Fine. I think a bullet lobotomy is a viable solution to my problem.}
{143}{}{Sorry you feel that way, Gruthar.}
{144}{}{I'll be leaving, then.}
{145}{}{There are many machines here, machines built by humans. Deathclaw hands can not use these machines. However, there is one machine that understands questions. I ask it to run the other machines and it obeys. This machine no longer listens. It will no longer run the other machines. We are running out of food and water. I have ordered raids on the human lands so that we may survive. I am not proud of this and I would put an end to it. If you repair this machine, I will be able to feed my people once again. I will gladly stop the raids. Will you agree to this?}
{146}{}{Sorry, I have no idea how to fix such a thing.}
{147}{}{I'm no tech, but I can give it a try.}
{148}{}{Hmm... sounds like the voice recognition module has gone bad on you. Let's go take a look.}
{149}{}{I've changed my mind. I'll have to think about this some more.}
{150}{}{I will do what I can for you.}
{151}{}{I refuse to help deathclaws.}
{152}{}{Thank you. The machine is in the vault control center on the third level. If you can repair it, please do so. I am placing my trust in you. Please do not betray it. You are welcome here.}
{153}{}{I won't let you down, Gruthar. You have my word on that.}
{154}{}{Thanks. I'll get on it.}
{155}{}{There really is one born every minute...}
{156}{}{I see... Well, deathclaws are dangerous by nature and great care must be taken when encountering them in the wild. However, I am certain that you have noticed that we are an exception. My pack poses no threat to you or your human communities. We have evolved beyond our base cousins and wish simply to be left alone.}
{157}{}{Uh... yeah.}
{158}{}{Your heightened intellect could make you even more of a threat than the average deathclaw, Gruthar.}
{159}{}{I can see that you are not the savage killers that deathclaws are known to be.}
{160}{}{I have spent many sleepless nights, deep in thought, pondering just such issues. I have finally come to the conclusion that the burdens and responsibilities associated with the gift of intelligence are countless. There are only two choices available to any thinking being. Either accept life as it comes and make the best of it for yourself and others, or simply cease to be. I have chosen to accept the challenges of life. If this makes me a threat to humankind, then I pity the small mind that finds it so...}
{161}{}{Yes, well... I may have a small mind but I also have a BIG weapon.}
{162}{}{I couldn't agree with you more. I don't think you're a threat, Gruthar.}
{163}{}{Uh... yeah. What you said.}
{164}{}{(Gruthar pauses and seems to be carefully considering his response to you) I am sorry to say that I ordered the raids on the human lands. I am responsible for the lives of many here. We are running out of food, water, and other supplies. Until I can get the situation corrected, I need to take what I, a deathclaw, can not ask humans for.}
{165}{}{Well, now that I know the source of the raids, I'll just eliminate it!}
{166}{}{I'm sorry to hear that. Is there some way that I may be able to help you so that you can stop the raids?}
{167}{}{I've heard enough for now. I need some time to think.}
{168}{}{I see...}
{169}{}{I am displeased with your decision but I accept it. You may leave, but please return if you reconsider.}
{171}{}{Hello} // Goes to 231
{172}{}{No. I'll get to it, though.}
{173}{}{I'm sorry, Gruthar. The voice module has gone bad. I'll have to go get one.}
{174}{}{I do not understand the workings of such things but I trust you,} // 232
{176}{}{I shall return, you have my word.}
{177}{}{Hello} // 233
{178}{}{No, I'm still looking.}
{179}{}{Yes, and here it is!}
{181}{}{You have restored my faith in humans. I thank you for all that you have done for the pack. Is there something that I can do for you in return?}
{182}{}{You said you would let me know if you found a geck here. Did you locate one?}
{183}{}{Yes, I am looking for a geck. I have been told that I could find it here. Do you know where it is?}
{184}{}{No, thank you. I have everything that I need.}
{185}{}{Yes, there was a geck in the vault storage room. It is yours with many thanks.}
{186}{}{Yes, there was a geck in the vault storage room. However, it is missing. I am sorry that I can not give it to you as a reward for all your generous help.}
{188}{}{Uh... that's okay. I'll try to locate one elsewhere.}
{189}{}{Hello again, human. I hope that you do not intend to play the fool with me.}
{190}{}{I want to apologize and start over, Gruthar.}
{191}{}{Sorry, I gotta go.}
{192}{}{Uh, me sorry.}
{193}{}{Greetings, human. Have you reconsidered? Will you help me?}
{194}{}{Hell, no. I just wanted to listen to you butcher the language some more.}
{195}{}{No, I don't think so.}
{196}{}{Yes, Gruthar. I will help you.}
{197}{}{Greetings, friend. Have you examined the machine yet?}
{198}{}{Not yet, but I'll get on it.}
{199}{}{Hello, my friend. You have saved the pack and we thank you.}
{202}{}{Die, treacherous human!}
{205}{}{I have no quarrel with you, human, and I do not want one. I am trying to deal with you civilly. Please return the favor!}
{206}{}{All right, let's talk then.}
{207}{}{You're a deathclaw and that means a death sentence... for you, that is!}
{208}{}{I'm sorry, Gruthar. Let's talk.}
{209}{}{Whatever. I'm gone}
{210}{}{No. I am leader here, so I decide. If you do not like this, you can return to your human lands!}
{211}{}{Blow me!}
{212}{}{OK, I'll be going now.}
{213}{}{Of course, Gruthar. I forgot myself for a moment.}
{214}{}{I assure you that I was not trying to be funny or toy with you. Please excuse me if I gave you that impression. I would help you if I could.}
{215}{}{Well, thanks.}
{216}{}{I'm sorry, I didn't mean to smart off like that.}
{217}{}{Give up the civilized act, bud. It don't work with me.}
{218}{}{(Gruthar emits a guttural series of growls) I may not own this place, human, but it is my home and the home of others who rely on me for their protection. Do not push me to the point that either of us will regret it!}
{219}{}{I'm sorry; I've been impolite and overstepped my bounds.}
{220}{}{Screw you and everyone who looks like you!}
{221}{}{Whoa! I'm outta here.}
{222}{}{Thank you. Please go to the control room and replace the module.}
{223}{}{Consider it done!}
{225}{}{You are not welcome here at this time. You may leave.}
{229}{}{Apology accepted, human. Have a nice day!}
{231}{}{. Have you examined the machine?}
{232}{}{. I will wait for your return.}
{233}{}{. Have you found the part to fix the machine?}

#added later
{234}{}{Uh, okay.}
{235}{}{I hope you are enjoying your stay.}
{236}{}{Unfortunately, it had to come to this. I allowed him to stay unharmed as long as he presented no threat to the pack. He chose his path. I hope you understand.}
{237}{}{You bad.}
{238}{}{I understand, Gruthar.}
{239}{}{Yes. Matt no good.}