Office of Urban Planning office building

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Office of Urban Planning office building
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Seward Sq. North Metro, local: Office Building)
Part ofSeward Square
Cell NamezDCint12c
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The Office of Urban Planning office building is a location in Fallout 3, located in Seward Square.


The building is a ruin, with most of the rooms gutted by the bombs, time, and deterioration. The second floor is accessible through stairs or the collapsed floor. The workstation mentions a backlog of 417,040 working hours for the employee Emily Weise to catch up on.[1]

Opposite the workstation is a door to the skybridge, with a dead Talon Company mercenary and a signal device that calls in artillery strikes from the Seward Square artillery. It can be used multiple times for a larger volley.


The building is free of inhabitants. There may be a Talon Company merc on the skybridge near the artillery device.

Picking up the artillery holodisk will spawn Talon mercs and super mutants, right in the crosshairs of the Talon artillery.





The Office of Urban Planning office building appears only in Fallout 3.