Operation Racket

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Operation Racket
Legion and Omerta (left), Mr. House, Chairmen and White Glove Society (right)
LocationNew Vegas Strip
DateSummer,[1] 2281
ResultOmertas defeat
Involved parties
Caesar's Legion
Robert House
White Glove Society
Vulpes Inculta
Robert House
Omerata membersSecuritions
Chairmen members
White Gloves
Connected events
Part of:
Second Battle of Hoover Dam

Operation Racket[3] is an operation between Caesar's Legion and the Three Families around 2281.


The Omertas have always been a shifty bunch, but the other Strip families never thought they would do something on this grand a scale. During the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Omertas staged a coup within the New Vegas Strip, attempting to run the other Strip proprietor's out. The operation was planned and settled by Caesar's head frumantarius Vulpes Inculta.[4] For months, Caesar regularly fed bribes to Nero to assist in their betrayal of Mr. House; the end goal in mind was to induce as much chaos as possible during the Legion military campaign across the Mojave and Nero installed as ruler of the Strip.[1] Despite Caesar's legatus Lanius being leery and angered by the treacherous operation potentially sullying the Legion's victory at Hoover Dam, Caesar paid no mind and went on with the plan.[4]

Gomorrah had a reputation for being the most popular brothel in New Vegas and tended to attract lonely NCR personnel looking for certain "company". Coupled with potential disobedient hookers who broke past the entrapping conditions of the place which was combating addiction or similar vices. Nero and Big Sal saw this as an opportunity to use in part of Operation Racket. Working in hand with the frumentarii, they blackmailed NCR personnel to work for them as Clanden would rape some of the hookers.[5] Selling the snuff tapes as a side income to sadists while using the dead hooker as blackmail material to force certain high-value targets to work for them as either smugglers or foot soldiers. The frumentarii Picus was tasked to disable the monorail[6] which served to rapidly deploy NCR infantry in the event of an attack on the Strip. They were at their final phases of the plan when the Courier arrived...

No matter who won the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the White Glove Society, Chairmen, and Securitrons were able to dampen the coup and stop the Omertas.[2]


Operation Racket is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas, during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

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