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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# ±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±
# Text labels and messages used in PIPBOY.C
# (These MUST match "text message" enumeration on the top of PIPBOY.C)
# ±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±

# Specail holiday dates
{100}{}{Happy New Year's Day!} # New years
{101}{}{Happy Valentine's Day!} # April fools
{102}{}{Happy All Fool's Day!} # April fools
{103}{}{Happy Ship Day!} # Shipping day!
{104}{}{Happy Independence Day!} # Independence day
{105}{}{Happy Halloween!} # Halloween
{106}{}{Happy Thanksgiving Day!} # Thanksgiving
{107}{}{Merry Christmas!} # X-mas

# System messages
{203}{}{No current tasks.}
{208}{}{Are you sure you want to erase} #1
{209}{}{the movie archive?} #2

# Alarm clock stuff
{300}{}{ALARM CLOCK}
{301}{}{Hit Points }
{302}{}{Rest for ten minutes}
{303}{}{Rest for thirty minutes}
{304}{}{Rest for an hour}
{305}{}{Rest for two hours}
{306}{}{Rest for three hours}
{307}{}{Rest for four hours}
{308}{}{Rest for five hours}
{309}{}{Rest for six hours}
{310}{}{Rest until morning (0600)}
{311}{}{Rest until noon (1200)}
{312}{}{Rest until evening (1800)}
{313}{}{Rest until midnight (2400)}
{314}{}{Rest until healed}

# Movie titles
# Order must match the list (see gmovie.h)
{500}{}{InterPlay Logo} # Not show in Pipboy
{501}{}{InterPlay Logo} # Not show in Pipboy
{502}{}{Intro} # Not show in Pipboy
{503}{}{Credits} # Not show in Pipboy

# Status thread text
# Format:
# 0 City name
# 1 ... 9 thread/quest name
{1000}{}{Vault 13}
{1001}{}{Find the Water Chip.}
{1002}{}{Destroy the Vats.}
{1003}{}{Destroy the Master.}
{1010}{}{Buried Vault}
{1020}{}{Shady Sands}
{1021}{}{Stop the Radscorpions.}
{1022}{}{Rescue Tandi from the Raiders.}
{1023}{}{Make Poison Antidote.}
{1031}{}{Kill Killian.}
{1032}{}{Stop Gizmo.}
{1033}{}{Rescue Sinthia.}
{1034}{}{Scout out the Fools for the Crypts.}
{1035}{}{Scout out the Crypts for the Fools.}
{1036}{}{Save Trish.}
{1037}{}{Help Saul.}
{1051}{}{Destory the Super Mutnats at the Watershed.}
{1052}{}{Fix Necropolis water pump.}
{1061}{}{Missing caravan.}
{1062}{}{Steal necklace.}
{1063}{}{Kill merchant.}
{1064}{}{Kill Jain.}
{1071}{}{Become an Initiate.}
{1072}{}{Rescue Initiate from the Hub.}
{1073}{}{Warned brotherhood.}
{1080}{}{Military Base}
{1091}{}{Turn on power for the Glow.}
{1092}{}{Disarm Traps for the Facility.}
{1101}{}{Deliver Locket for Romero.}
{1102}{}{Stop the Gangs from attacking Adytum.}
{1103}{}{Find Children spy in the Followers.}
{1104}{}{Become a Blade.}
{1105}{}{Fix hydroponic farms in Adytum.}
{1106}{}{Deliver package from the Gun Runners.}

# Clues
# Format:
# 0 Clue topic title name
# 1-29 subtopic clue name(s)
{2000}{}{Water Chip} // * Vault 13 *
{2001}{}{Go to Vault 15 for a replacement chip.}
{2002}{}{Junktown sells many things. Perhaps a Chip can be found.}
{2003}{}{Necropolis is known to have a working water pump.}
{2031}{}{The caravans are disappearing to the North somewhere.}
{2032}{}{There are some monsters up in the North.}
{2061}{}{The Children worship some Dark God called the Master.}
{2090}{}{Nothing} // * Buried Vault (Vault 15)*
{2120}{}{Radscorpions} // * Shady Sands *
{2121}{}{The Radscorpions are in a cave somewhere.}
{2122}{}{Aradesh knows something about the Radscorpions.}
{2123}{}{Razlo knows something about the Radscorpions.}
{2124}{}{Seth has been tracking the Radscorpions.}
{2151}{}{Tandi has been taken by some raiders to the south.}
{2181}{}{If only Razlo had some of the venom, he could make an antidote for the poison.}
{2182}{}{Seth has been tracking the Radscorpions.}
{2210}{}{Gangs} // * Junktown *
{2211}{}{If you do not kill off all the gangs, they will seek vengeance.}
{2212}{}{The Crypts and Fools fight over who controls the power generator.}
{2240}{}{Power Generator}
{2241}{}{Without the generator, the peasants will lead a poorer life.}
{2242}{}{The generator is the most important thing in Scrapheap. Whoever controls it, controls Scrapheap.}
{2243}{}{There are exposed wires which lead away from the generator.}
{2270}{}{Phil's dog}
{2271}{}{Phil has some problem with a dog.}
{2272}{}{The dog looks hungry enough to eat Phil.}
{2300}{}{} // * Raiders *
{2360}{}{Super Mutants} // * Necropolis *
{2361}{}{Set says there are some Mutants guarding the Watershed.}
{2390}{}{Necropolis pump}
{2391}{}{If you take the Chip, the Pump will not work.}
{2392}{}{Perhaps if you could find some part, you can fix the Pump.}