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Park Street station terminals

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This page lists all Park Street station terminals.


Note: There are two of these desk terminals in the station. The first is in the cashier's office, on the desk on the back wall. The other is located on the desk, in the office on the far side of the station tracks.


Transit Personnel Only

Purchase Tickets



Terminal vending functions have been shut down. Please contact a system administrator for more information.



NOTICE: Terminal Shutdown


NOTICE: The purchasing of subway tokens for this station will automatically cease on [2/11/77] to coincide with the station closing. Any questions should be addressed to the station manager or Vault-Tec representative before your employment termination date.

Again: Park Street terminals will cease to validate token dispensations after this date. Previously issued tokens remain usable at all other Boston and monotrail service platforms. Thank you.

Employee Notice



I regret to inform you that your station (PARK STREET) will be closing due to a purchase agreement with Vault-Tec Corporation. As such, we will be going through our records and redistributing our many valued employees to other stations and departments. The automated system should identify your new location.

You have relocated to:

Thank you, and we look forward to many more years working with you.

Vault-Tec Terminal

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk in the completed vault room that is only accessible through Vault 114.


Property of Vault-Tec
Vault 114 Personnel



Welcome, Employees



After many months of preliminary construction, we are pleased to welcome members of the Technical and Scientific Staff to the newest addition to the Vault-Tec Family: Vault 114!

Like you, we are excited to get started on our latest endeavor, but we are not quite ready to open that great big gear door to our new residents yet. As you've probably noticed, we've contracted outside of Vault-Tec for construction on this one, since it is utilizing a unique space. By repurposing the former Park Street Subway station, we will be seeing a decrease in building costs, as well as a shorter timeline for construction. This fits perfectly with the Vault's observational studies, which will be revealed in a future memorandum.

However, because of this, we will be seeing a lot of civilian traffic until construction is fully completed. It is up to you to help maintain the security of Vault 114 and its experiment from prying eyes without proper clearance. "Loose lips sink ships," of course. They also result in immediate termination and possible criminal investigations.

Welcome, once again!

Vault-Tec Management

PRIVATE: Science Staff Only


WARNING: This memorandum is meant for members of the Vault 114 Science Division only, or those with appropriate security clearance levels (SL-4+). All others must exit this terminal immediately and report your infraction to the Overseer or a member of Vault-Tec Security. Thank you.

=Social Science Division=

As mentioned in your briefing, Vault 114 will be hosting high ranking members of local and state government, local luminaries, business people, and their families. Future members are aware that they will be cohabitating solely with others of Boston's upper class.

However, the "luxury" aspect of this Vault has been highly exaggerated to the future residents. Multiple families, chosen randomly, will live and sleep in single-room apartments, dining and bathing will be in shared quarters, and amenities will be minimal.

In addition, we are currently interviewing for the Overseer position from many candidates. Our goal is to find someone with no supervisory or government experience, and hopefully with a strong anti-authority bias. Human Resources tells us that the interview process has vetted many viable candidates.

By taking away the luxury and authority these groups saw in surface life, we hope to study their reactions in stressful situations. As such, please do not undermine the new Overseer's authority at all during the experiment, even (and especially) if it may cause physical discomfort, embarrassment, or harm to residents.

Thank you,

Vault-Tec Management