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For the Fallout and Fallout 2 items, see Pass key.
Pass card
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Blue pass card (left) and red pass card (right)
Base ID00028706 (blue)
00028704 (red)

Pass cards are miscellaneous items in Fallout 3.


A simple encoded transit pass for the pre-War District of Columbia Transit Authority metro lines, entitling the user to unlimited travel on the matching metro line. Protectrons used by the DCTA in lieu of human workers were programmed to scan for pass cards and let passengers pass through if they possess one matching the line's color. This functionality persists well after the Great War, though Protectrons now respond with deadly force if the user doesn't have the correct pass card.


  • Randomly found in metro stations and utility areas.
  • Can be looted from feral ghouls (1.5% chance to drop), centaurs (0.6%), and trogs (0.4%).