People's Republic of America

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The People's Republic of America was the name of the covert operation run by the People's Republic of China inside the Washington, DC area. They also ran their own radio station, which continues to run taped propaganda broadcasts. The PRA are known to have operated out of Mama Dolce's Food Processing Plant, but it is unclear if that was its main headquarters. The broadcast consists of a woman's voice with a slight accent that curses "the Wall Street Gang" and "the Washington Fatcats" for giving China problems. She also claims that the listeners of the broadcast will starve to death and die from radiation poisoning, primarily due to the actions of "the Wall Street Gang".


The name of the radio station seems to be a reference to the People's Republic of China. The presence of the station, the Chinese Remnant ghouls, and the presence of the Chinese Army: Special Ops. Training Manual and Chinese assault rifle throughout the wasteland all indicates the Chinese were on the ground in the United States in considerable numbers, and were planning attacks in the area around the capital. The sheer abundance of Chinese weaponry and uniforms seems to indicate that a large-scale force did in fact occupy at least the area around Washington D.C. Elements of Chinese culture survive into the 23rd century as evidenced by the Chinese characters advertising the noodle stand outside the Brass Lantern in Megaton.


The People's Republic of America does not appear in any game, but an automated radio signal of it can be picked up on the southwest side of the Citadel in Fallout 3, heading towards Alexandria Arms.

This faction's radio station also appeared in the Fallout 3 gameplay trailer.