Photovoltaic coating

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Photovoltaic Coating
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EffectsIncreases action point refresh speed in sunlight.
ModifiesT-45 power armor helmet
T-51 power armor helmet
T-60 power armor helmet
X-01 power armor helmet
Value125 (T-45)
146 (T-51)
164 (T-60)
184 (X-01)
Editor IDmiscmod_PA_X01_Material_APSunRegen
Base ID00203a1c (X-01)
00197df7 (T-60)
00203a1a (T-51)
00203a18 (T-45)

The photovoltaic coating is a power armor modification in Fallout 4.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Photovoltaic coating is a general power armor modification that converts the energy from sunlight to increase the rate at which one refreshes action points when outside in clear weather, i.e. not during a rain or radstorm.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Power armor model Components needed Perk needed
T-45 power armor Science! 3
T-51 power armor Science! 3
T-60 power armor Science! 3
X-01 power armor Science! 3