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Fallout 3Pork N' Beans
FO: New VegasPork N' Beans
Irr. Pork N' Beans
Fallout 4Pork N' Beans

Pork N' Beans are canned food items found throughout Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4.


The "Greasy Prospector" Improved Pork And Beans is a nutritious meal, composed of beans stewed in a tomato sauce with chunks of pork belly cured and cooked in hickory smoke (i.e. bacon) forming an integral part of the dish. The tin has a distinctive brown color with a red label wrapped around it. Like most pre-War foods, it's prepared to remain edible for hundreds of years.


Greasy Prospector Pork N' Beans

FO3 Pork n' Beans.png
Gameplay articles:

Pork N' Beans come in a small brown and orange tin, with a label which reads "Greasy Prospector Improved Pork And Beans", healing a number of hit points and irradiating the player character.

Irradiated Pork N' Beans

FO3 Pork n' Beans.png
Gameplay article:

A tin of Pork N' Beans that has absorbed a heavy dose of radiation.

Pork n' Beans

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Gameplay article:

These Pork n' Beans come in a small corroded can with a stay-on-tab. The paper label glued to the can is now dirty and torn, exclaiming nothing more than "Pork N Beans" over a bowl of the product and a fork. It heals a number of hit points while irradiating the player character.