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Micro Forté is an Australian game development company responsible for the production of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

Founded in 1985, Micro Forté was unusual from the start. In the mid-1980s, the video game development industry had not yet gained a foothold in Australian society, and Micro Forté became the first earnest attempt to develop games in Australia. Its founder, John De Margheriti, sought to capitalize on the emerging market. When Interplay decided to produce a Fallout-themed RTS, Micro Forté was tapped to be the project's developer along with in-house division 14 Degrees East. The pairing resulted in the production of Fallout Tactics in 2001. Micro Forté would go on to release a combination Fallout box set called Fallout: Radioactive the following year. This box set included both of the original Fallout games, as well as Fallout Tactics. The release in North America was very limited, though Australia and Europe saw the set appear in higher numbers.

About Fallout Tactics
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, developed by Micro Forté and published by Interplay in 2001, was the first spin-off in the Fallout series. It focuses on squad-based combat and introduces near real-time combat, called "continuous turn-based" by the developers, as well as a multiplayer mode, to the Fallout series.

The game takes place in 2197 in the American Midwest. The Eastern Brotherhood of Steel is trying to claim territory surrounding Chicago. The Warrior, the player character, is a new recruit to the Brotherhood, tasked to lead a squad of soldiers made up of available initiates.

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